Metal Detecting Finds Treasure Hunting

metal detectors treasure hunting finds

Metal Detecting Finds Treasure Hunting, To find jewelry made of precious metals, the need to buy a metal detector to find gold, which according to its standards differ slightly from the usual metal detecting soil. This does not mean that the soil metal detectors cannot detect this product of gold, it all depends on the […]

Map Research For Metal Detecting And Treasure Hunting

How to determine the location of buried treasure

Map Research For Metal Detecting And Treasure Hunting, Those who participate in archaeology official must know well the history and exploration of all the events that took place in the province. Moreover, I found many value. If you decide to try for the first time, the purchase of professional metal detectors, says historian. And will […]

Successful Searching – metal detectors treasure hunting

treasure hunting vacation gold coins Review

metal detectors treasure hunting, Always will be one of your coins. Of course, to find the treasure or antique coins, much more complex than just a bunch of stuff. Find the coin through the metal detector treasure hunting, do not be lazy selected by looking in the appropriate directory. Of course, at first glance, there […]

Treasure On The Beach Metal Detecting

How to use a metal detector

Treasure On The Beach Metal Detecting,This type of search is to add to two previous. As you know, the beaches are very frequent small loss of money, jewelry, rings, bracelets, earrings, chains, watches and so on. Find the right Beach metal detector, which has a stable balance of salt in the soil and the environment. […]

How metal detector works and how distinguish between minerals

how a metal detector works simple

How a metal detector works and how to distinguish between minerals,What is the metal detectors, and how he managed to distinguish the minerals? Metal detector-electronic device detected minerals are not in contact with them due to the emission of radio waves and trapping of secondary references and discover this fact tells the operator. When you […]

Simple Bfo Metal Detector Improved Circuit Design

Simple Metal Detector beat Frequency Oscillator

BFO-beat frequency oscillation method. The use of metal detectors two oscillators, including the head of the search coil. Frequency compared to the cursor and displays the frequency difference between the sound signal. Hardware circuit is simple enough, reel requires strict implementation. Operating frequency of 40-500 kHz. Simple BFO method requires only a few ingredients and […]

Coin collect how do I clean dirty coins

How to clean gold with stones

Coin collect how do I clean dirty coins,What to clean coins? Cleaning coins-is the process of removing a layer of dirt and the effects of more or less important than oxidation. The easiest way to remove the dirt. It can be removed by washing with warm water and SOAP or with a soft brush. Moreover, […]

how to find the missing jewelry using metal detectors

Metal detector and what we can find

Some useful tips on how to find the missing jewelry using metal detectors,If you have to be one of the lucky ones living in or near the ocean or near a large water tank, then you have every opportunity to go on a treasure hunt using a metal detector. Search for treasure on the beach […]

Metal detector circuit diagram

Metal detector repair-how to fix your metal detector

Metal detector circuit diagram,The metal detector is a relatively simple device, an electronic circuit that provides good sensitivity and stability. A distinctive feature of this device is the low operating frequency. Metal detector coil operates at a frequency of 3 kHz. It provides, on the one hand, and poor response to unwanted signals (such as […]

Design electronic pulse metal detector circuit

Metal Detector Circuit .

Design electronic pulse metal detector circuit,When established, the head of research of electromagnetic field which extends to the environment. On the surface of the minerals that were in the region to discuss the file, under the influence of the electromagnetic field having what is called eddy currents. These eddy currents create electromagnetic fields against their […]

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