Akers scanning probe

Akers scanning probe

High-performance scanning device to detect gold search. American Fez by the power of a professional manufacturer of metal detecting equipment manufacturing. Detection sensitivity and stability, which is the highest level of similar products. Besides these features, this product is also one of the most prominent feature is the identification of the type of metal, so you can easily find useful pieces of metal, which is a model that other similar products do not have jobs. With that, you can go to more places to start treasure hunting activities, searching for gold, silver, copper and precious stones.

Akers scanning probe

Akers scanning probe

The field of archeological theory and scientific instrument for the perfect combination of high quality search system and precision positioning system detection to penetrate conventional detection method using partial control processor chip unit calibration, the instrument self test, system can easily and quickly scan and detect and significantly increase the efficiency of amateur treasure hunting and reduce labor intensity in the investigation, is the most advanced metal detector, practicable and economical equipment.


Technical parameters:

Search system: accurate and reflect the control processor connector

Search: 800 m

Depth: 12 m

Power: 12V 1600mAh

Transmission frequency: 5-6KHz

Signal frequency: 360-440Hz

Weight: 3.2 KG

Detection type: gold, silver, copper and precious stones

Shipping method: this device is installed rechargeable battery, direct access to the charger, charging 10 to 12 h

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