Best Frequency for Detecting Gold

Before we go on the Best Frequency for Detecting Gold, we know the metal detectors and their types, and the frequencies used in them, and know the metal detectors on the materials or the different minerals found in the soil, and the ability of these devices to excellence, and we mean to excellence here, between various minerals, of course we do not want to search for iron and haberdashery, what interests us is precious metals, such as gold, silver and coins …Etc.


Best Frequency for Detecting Gold



I think it’s one of the metal detectors I have used easier than ever. Is well written instructions to help you get the most depth and look for more good goals. Very easy to navigate between the different modes of operation. Also with discrimination that can be set, and the sensitivity with which adjusts up or down.


Discrimination is a feature that will help you read good goals together with iron. It can also help tell a good iron objectives goals bad iron.
There are also ground Manuel and automatic balance which will help get the best out of depth in the severe ground cartilage.


There may be some types of metal detectors, some minor differences, such as that provided with headphones, or the remote control at the bottom of the column, and monitor installed at the top. But all metal detectors are easy to use, all the user has to do is turn on the device, move the detector slowly up the area to detect metal. When there is a metal piece, the device will issue voice through the speakers, as it appears on the screen some information about a plot and depth.
Best Frequency for Detecting Gold

Best Frequency for Detecting Gold

Types of metal detectors


Metal detectors rely on techniques of three specifies the types and these techniques are:


- Very low frequency _ VLF
- Pulse induction _ PI
- Beat-frequency oscillation _ BFO


Best Frequency for Detecting Gold


What is the frequency of the best metal detectors? To find out, you need to know is what frequency and the pros and cons of the highest and lowest frequencies. Operating frequency of metal detectors can vary widely. They usually fall in the range of 3 kHz to 100 kHz, but some can even be higher or lower than this.


But what is the frequency? What is the best frequency for the metal detector? Frequencies above and below each have their own advantages. Find out the pros and cons and what you want to use a metal detector will help you decide what is best for you.


What is the frequency? Measured frequency metal detectors in kHz. Frequency 8 kHz means that transmits and receives 8000 times per second. 16.3 kHz will be 4,900 per second. Lower frequencies and longer wavelengths and higher frequencies have shorter wavelengths.
Best Frequency for Detecting Gold

Best Frequency for Detecting Gold

Low frequency detectors in conductive metal, such as silver. Longer waves also better at penetrating the ground where they could get more depth. But not as good at finding small objects or have low conductivity. This type of metal detector is usually in the range of approximately 5 kHz and below.


Better high frequency detectors to detect objects with low conductivity such as gold and iron. And also the best at detecting small objects, making it easier to find things like gold nuggets or small pieces of jewelry. But the higher the frequency, the less depth it can get and the more sensitive metal detector is the mineralization in the ground. This can make the detector useless in some soil conditions if the frequency is too high. This type of metal detector is usually above 15 kHz.


Metal detectors the most fall somewhere in the middle of these extremes. This allows these general purpose metal detectors to be the best overall by getting most of the benefits of each extreme while minimizing the disadvantages of each. This type of metal detectors and will usually range from about 5 kHz to 15 kHz.


What is the frequency of the best metal detectors? Companies manufacturing metal detectors might try different frequencies for years in order to find the best frequency metal detectors. But the problem is that there is no “best”. There are only the best ranges of frequencies for different purposes. Knowing this will help you choose a detector that works best for your needs.

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  8. Moon cakes metal detectors says:

    Moon cakes metal detectors-metal detector principle:
    Cake conveyor metal detectors metal electromagnetic theory. All metals including iron and non-ferrous has a high detection sensitivity. Ferromagnetic metals enter detection area detection areas will be affected by the magnetic field lines distribution, thereby affecting the magnetic flux of a fixed limit. Non-ferromagnetic metals enter the detection area will produce Eddy current effects, will also detect changes in regional distribution of magnetic field

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