best underwater metal detector for gold

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best underwater metal detector for gold


underwater metal detectors

Modern underwater metal detectors offer great opportunities for fans of underwater search . It is a specialized metal detector designed to detect metal-containing objects in the environment of fresh or salt water , allow to a depth of 70 meters underwater metal detector can also be used on land, but it depends on the model and the characteristics of the instrument.

The devices have waterproof electronics housing and sealed the search coil . Typically , underwater metal detectors have a visual display of information about the discovery in the display. Identification of the type of metal findings is the sound of a tone in the audio signal, which is supplied to the operator on the special underwater headphones.

There are underwater metal detectors with the conclusion of the discovery of digital identification to the display , for example Garrett AT Pro All-Terrain. This device can be used in all water bodies with salt and fresh water, has a sealed electronic unit and allows you to dive to a depth of 3 meters underwater metal detector has a number of color identification of the type of metal finds in the form of a signal, and, of color.

Underwater metal detector settings allow you to configure the device on Wednesday, search , set the desired level of sensitivity, volume and tone audio discrimination. Interference from fresh and salt water unequal , and the depth of detection depends on the search environment (fresh or salt ) . There are also specific search features underwater metal detectors .

best underwater metal detector for gold

best underwater metal detector for gold

Can I use a ground search metal detectors for underwater ? Yes. Approximately 97 % of today’s ground metal detector search coil are sealed , but immerse the device in water can only be to the level of an electronic unit, up to about 70 cm ( pack is not waterproof) . This is enough to conduct a search in shallow water and coastal zone of any bodies of water.

When selecting a detector for a hobby , you need to know about what metal detectors are used for underwater search . The most popular models of underwater metal detectors :

Viper Hybrid Trident

Treasure Hunter Aqua Vision Pro

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II

Garrett Infinium LS

Minelab Excalibur 800

Garrett AT Pro All-Terrain

Minelab Excalibur II

Minelab Excalibur 1000

Detector Pro HeadHunter Wader

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