Bionic 01 long gold detector distance

Bionic 01 long gold detector distance


The Bionic 01 is a long distance gold detector, which is primarily used to locate ancient artifacts of gold and silver.

Bionic 01 long gold detector distance



Gold Bionic 01 detector can be used for several types of research. Gold detection, detection of money and treasure long-range hunt are the areas of action the most after this gold detector. A long sensor range can find gold items natural as gold nuggets or veins of gold, but also of gold buried as jewelry, ornaments, gold and silver statues, figures, Golden curls or coins in gold or silver. Long range gold detector can be used also for searching for gold nuggets in the beds of the rivers or the sea. Alternatively, use this detector of gold for gold successfully searching in the mountains, forests, jungles or desert.


The Bionic 01 is specialized on the search quickly for gold and silver, to explore sites and Lands, specially where the possible treasures can be located. The detector can be used for the first search in an unknown area, to find locations of buried treasure. So it is especially interesting for gold seekers who do not have an idea where you begin to measure. The excavator can easily and quickly get a general idea on a large field.


By plugging the Bionic 01 Gold detector in different directions to the left and right along the horizon the excavator of Treasury may determine the direction, where a possible treasure can be located. As soon as a direction of an object in gold or silver is showing, the detector Gold gives an acoustic signal and a message appears on the display of the device.


If the Bionic 01 calibration was done correctly, the unit of gold reacts only on gold and silver and does not show other metals like iron or other abnormalities such as voids.


If a positive signal fuse, this distance measurement must be repeat other heading in the same direction. On the place where the two measures intersect a treasure of gold or silver treasure can be found. This procedure is also referred to as triangulation.


The detector Gold included two individual research systems:


Principle of bionics (power system) measures bio
Principle of ionic measures (an ion Chamber system)
The Bioenergetic system interacts with bio-energy of the body during the localization of gold and silver objects, to finally notice minimum change of the substance of an object. That’s why gold detector Bionic 01 is fundamental to locate almost all types of metals. The ion measurement system is a method for measuring Ionic radiation (ionic absorption). To perform this method the Bionic 01 Gold detector has an ion Chamber.

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