Bionic 01 – OKM Metal Detectors

| March 26, 2013 | Metal Detectors

Bionic 01 – OKM Metal Detectors

Bionic 01 - OKM Metal Detectors



By this unique device you can specify where gold and silver to a distance of about 15 kilometers to a depth of about 20 meters. The device contains two systems of action. in the system I used human body energy and is not suitable with all human beings, either in the Ionian system, everyone can use it, you can discover the Ionian field of buried objects for several years

Hardware components:

Main unit
HD data show that connects you to the target location and identification of trends and also the distance
Laser unit to determine the target point accurately and from large
Body factory materials and special creditor does not affect the operation of the machine and unbreakable and shock-proof
Sensitivity controls to determine the size and space research
Search antenna and remote sensing
The batteries and the unit is separate from the device and include the number of 4 batteries 1.5 v
Pantene reserve in case of breakage or damage
Metal aluminium bag waterproof and shock and breakage
Two years warranty
German industry
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