how to build a metal detector

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how to build a metal detector


Hello everyone I know that you are in this article is that you want to get an idea to build a metal detector , and whatever be what you want to search for it , the making metal detector is not difficult , and it needs a little knowledge of machining and electronic mode of operation, and of course this does not many know , but just think of building a metal detector is a good thing and is the spirit of adventure and challenge.

In a previous article we offered a way of making metal detector using a CD and radio , and a lot is known that this method does not meet the ambitious treasure hunters , because they simply do not lend themselves to a metal detector , which increases the depth of 5 cm , authorized if you are interested in building a metal detector must know the following things :

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 How metal detectors work ?

A metal detector works on the principle of magnetism. There are metal detectors create a magnetic field through a coil of wire and then directing this area and down to earth. Another circle in the metal detector and ” listen ” to this area , and emit a steady tone to be heard through the speakers . That is, it is sent electromagnetic waves and these waves are received by the coil again after colliding with metal .Ie it works on the principle of radar. The simplest example of work or the work of the same bat that determines the place of its prey by sound waves . These devices are called electromagnetic devices .

how to build a metal detector

What type of metal detector do you want?

Find out what type of metal detector is right for you . For your metal detector must be designed for the topography of the appropriate is not enough to possess a metal detector , but you must know the nature of the soil in which you want to search out and also determine your budget , metal detectors vary in terms of prices and also in terms of specifications .

Very low frequency ( VLF ) :More types of metal detectors used are dependent on very low frequency ( VLF ) , which is able to track a variety of metals , and also able to work in more difficult terrain .

Pulse induction (PI): These detectors are able to detect objects buried deep underground and the liquidation of the existence of ” black sand ” , or magnetite . It is popular with prospectors and who wish to greater depths to search for treasures .

Beat frequency oscillation (BFO): able to detect any metal or mineral in a range of pulse . , Such as very low frequency , the technology uses a frequency oscillator win two coils of wire . There is one file in the control box in the device, while the other is located in the head . Coil which is in control of the smaller one is usually found in the head . However, each of the coil stays connected oscillators can send thousands of electrical impulses in the second one . Radio waves are generated when pulses pass a coil of wire , which is collected by the receiver located inside the control box .

Understanding the correct way the metal detectors can get to build a metal detector , and all this depends on the correct understanding of the working principle of these detectors , ideas endless trials ongoing , and will be put many articles here at the site of metal detectors for gold , and we will adopt roads simplified to build a metal detector away from delving into the intricacies of electronic circuits .


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