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Dowsing pendulum rock crystal on a chain

Dowsing pendulum rock crystal on a chain. Rhinestone – variety of quartz , the most common trace element Earth. Rhinestone makes a person multiplies his abilities. It helps develop and sensory abilities , facilitates telepathic contact , gives a person the ability to communicate at a distance with live objects .     In ancient […]

Pendulum dowsing for green aventurine

Pendulum dowsing for green aventurine In ancient times believed that Aventurine is directly linked to the lunar magic and its impact on human changeable attributed this regard . Moon affects a person in many ways.     First, depending on the phase in which it is located ( waxing , full , waning , dark […]

Pendulum rose quartz has a dynamic force

Pendulum rose quartz has a dynamic force. Increases the strength prediction . Pendulum can be used for dowsing , and as a mascot . Pendulum rose quartz better able to determine the other negative and favorable areas of the house .     What questions are answered pendulum : – Love in all its directions; […]

Stones and Zodiac

Stones and Zodiac Millennium observing the constellations have allowed the ancient magicians and priests to identify the relationship between them, certain minerals , and people born under this or any other constellation . There are several classifications matching precious stones . Below is one of the most common . Highlighted stones , bringing the maximum […]

Aspects of dowsing in relation to the instrument search

Aspects of dowsing in relation to the instrument search What is Dowsing ? It is a congenital or developed the ability to detect the presence of workouts in the ground water or metal ….. any traces of bygone centuries. Generally that dowsing does not use metal detectors and all electronic instruments , however , consider […]

how the pendulum works

based on the ability of the operator to detect only gold – silver . It requires no battery to operate . The pendulum is the choice of many Species as the size is such that it can be placed on the shirt or pocket if you want the jacket. There are many places where research […]

How to deal with dowsing tool

The phenomenon of oxidation of soil has employed many dowsing with negative comments , I have heard many who use dowsing instruments to report that in a survey and had identified target by following all procedures of measurements in the excavation be nothing . So beyond quickly flimsy excuse not to expose themselves to the […]

how to use dowsing rods

The most important part of running a dowsing instrument is the position of the operator and the way he keeps the rods, must stand relaxed with our feet slightly distant , arms should be glued to the body but not too loud and not exert excessive pressure rods on the wrist and allowed to equilibrate […]

How does dowsing

 How does dowsing The Dowsing is a science which deals with research , discoveries and intuitions and different radiation effects which we can not see with the naked eye. It is natural radiation, ie geopathitikes ( groundwater , mineral deposits , etc.) and technical radiations coming from various objects created by man shapes of buildings, […]

Where to buy dowsing rods

Where to buy dowsing rods Dowsing rods used since antiquity, and before we talk about where to buy the dowsing rod, let’s look at the way they operate to many people, dowsing rods have been used for centuries by the brokers and the people who are trying to find underground water sources, and I found […]

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