CoinFinder (CF77) – 17.5kHz

CoinFinder (CF77) – 17.5kHz


The CF77 resumes the main features of the VELOX ONE marketed by sister NOKTA company. They were created by the same research team and have the same performance that are among the best in their categories. The CF77 is however easier to use with new more affordable modes of plant as well as several disks in option (22 and 45 cm). Very robust, it also has a cane in S.
CoinFinder (CF77) - 17.5kHz

CoinFinder (CF77) – 17.5kHz



This detector VLF multitone at 17.5 kHz frequency and is fitted with a DD 28 cm disc. His behavior is very similar to that of the XP Goldmaxx Power, but on a much more stable and with a bigger hard drive in series! Finished nuisance spitting suffered the XP. Compared with the VELOX, the CF77 buttons are placed on the behind what is much more practical, since with the VELOX latter rotates only in contact with your body when you scan (they are located on the side of the controller on the VELOX).

The CF77 Coin Finder Metal Detector by Makro Detectors


Its high frequency and its 2 presets for highly mineralized grounds make it a particularly appropriate detector to search for gold (nuggets) native in Africa, Australia or South America. Its sound “BOOST” amplifies the noise of small deeply buried targets, which still proves very useful for the nuggets and other once small weakly conductive targets. Its robustness and its autonomy confer advantages some to desert rural areas. The CF77 is fairly quiet and easy to use. It produces a high pitched sound for non-ferrous metals and sound serious to ferrous metals.

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