Crazy will decline the demand for sterling

Crazy will decline the demand for sterling

Crazy will decline the demand for sterling

Our expectations for currencies pound sterling against the US dollar

Performance Forex market | Sterling trades against the US dollar

Daily markets exchange markets closed the last pair British pound against the US dollar (code: GBPUSD) on Monday 08/04/2013 when point 1.5263 dollars per pound, compared with the closing price for trading the currency market Friday, 05/04/2013 when point 1.5335 US dollars per pound in this performance drop on rate of 0.47%.

Technical analysis of currencies | Pound sterling/US dollar

GBPUSD currency pair prices fell during the recent dealings yesterday closed markets to form negative Bearish reversal putschist day which we regard as a sign of farther decline and workbook under the technical correction but without changing the path which is bullish upward and prominently which leads us to seize the opportunity of pooling procurement contracts on crazy (the title of Sterling when Arab traders) and bet on the resumption of the targeted levels of Ascension is 1.5500 dollars.

Technical analysis of currencies | Support and resistance points British pound vs US dollar

Support points for currencies: is 1.5500, 1.5630 1.5655,

Points of resistance to currency: 1.5565 USD, 1.5090, 1.5025, 1.4965, 1.4830

Exchange rates | Pound sterling versus the u.s. dollar | Select intraday

We expect that the only pair GBPUSD trading in the currency market today, Tuesday, 25 April, 2013 among the support level of 1.5170 dollars per pound sterling and 1.5395 resistance level. Based on the opening of trading on the currency market during the Asian session today, with a lower exchange rate maintained at 1.5285, both likely foreign prices Sterling against the US dollar until the first goal for the current trading day at the point with touching 1.5215 1.5170 level as a goal for a second day, if buying pressure on Sterling GBP instead of selling pressure on the USD.

In the case where exchange rate broke the GBPUSD 1.5285 the level upside, then expect that prices of Sterling against the US dollar to end at 1.5660 USD as a primary goal for this trading day, with the possibility of touching the reading goal, 1.5395 if buying pressure on GBP selling pressure equivalent to USD.

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