Deep hunter pro metal detector 2013

| March 14, 2013 | Metal Detectors

Deep hunter pro metal detector 2013


Is a Deep Hunter Pro the only and unique in the detection of gold and treasures, and all the riches of the Earth, the device works on the exploratory systems accurate to analyze and find out the type of metal and depth, size, and features a powerful reference and sensor for precise metal objects and the small and most profound
Correct insulation feature available for precious and non-precious metals, so that the Navigator to ignore all references from non-precious metals such as iron and empty cans and rusted relic and drinks and signals from the Earth of mineral soil, rocks and volcanic cabalist, which directly affect the operation and functioning of the Navigator for treasures, gold, all the riches of the Earth.

Deep hunter pro metal detector 2013

Deep hunter pro metal detector 2013


Device properties


The device works on multiple search systems are to be used to identify target

(LCD) imaging system
This system works with audio and photo indicators accurate analysis using specialized 3-d software
(LED) audio system
This system works with sound and light signals with rapid detection


 3-d imaging system features

We can order this from HD to target analysis indicating the type and name of the metal gold-precious metal-metal mixture-caves and voids
This mode is designed for the amateur and the professional for easy use thanks to the outstanding work that define interfaces you target type and depth
In addition to clarifying the form through the graph on the screen. With the analysis of three-dimensional image of target
And the work is done on two disks, CD-key gauge X 36)-T44 44)
For large depths, so measuring disk T100-(60X 100)


 Goal setting analytical report is displayed in 3D

In addition to the type of metal detected the device DEEPHUNTER PRO has the capability and high accuracy in the marking and specifies the name of the target on the screen if the gold or other precious metals or precious
In addition to iron, steel

Been identified and target discrimination in high resolution picture and select the empty ground and caves that are found inside metal with metal type in caves and tunnels and bunkers and structures resembling graves. All of these species are distinguished from metals and the empty land on the screen hologram with sound tones alert


 Abolition of the system of iron and metal algorithm

This feature enables us to eliminate all non-precious metals from iron-steel beverage bottle caps-and empty cans
And keep your system working with precious metal detectors only and this feature of features that let the user search is convenient

 The audio system features detectors

Deep hunter pro metal detector 2013

Deep hunter pro metal detector 2013

It is fast and deep sound system designed specifically for metal detecting small coins and highlights objectives through voice ringtones
Is used to locate individual goals and break gold ore in the depths of the exciting and different alerts tones selection
This system uses a standard search of two sizes:
Measuring 39X47)-C47)
Measuring 26X32)-C32)
Disk search C32, dedicated to coins, jewelry and other small objects, and you can easily access the depths that you want to access
C47, disk when using this CD you can reach targets deep and great ease as well as easy to use and has a high potential for discrimination and the discrimination by three different vocal tones of gold and precious metals and non-precious.

 deephunter detector


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