Deep max lorenz metal detectors for gold

Deep max lorenz metal detectors for gold

Deep max lorenz metal detectors for gold

World-renowned professional device between prospectors Pro. Many arrived can search disks for this device for metal detector for gold. Large areas can be detected effectively by using large disks. No salt in the soil and moisture, and most land types and temperatures. The device has many advantages as insulating objects such as nails and other metal. And with small disks, Lorenz deep Max is a great tool to search for targets as small as a single coin buried meters in the ground.


Deep Lorenz is Max from the latest developments in the field of impulsive metal detectors. It is one of the metal detectors the most consistent and sensitive types are available. That deep Max is Lorenz outcome of years of research and development. Many efforts have been harnessed to produce this new type of metal detectors for gold in particular facilities available for mineral classification in Lorenz deep Max.

Earth balance system is particularly suitable for pulsed search in great depths. The performance of this device is not affected by salt water or any type of mineral soil or temperature changes. With a specially designed to remove electrons signals emerging from the ground. The Lorenz deep Max is a real instrument to detect metal pieces at great depths even under the worst environmental conditions. A new service has been designed to prevent interferences power lines and apply electric pulse technology produces very accurate signals for depths up to detection limits of 12 m


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