detech ssp-3100 g fd

detech ssp-3100 g fd

Submersible metal detector DeTech SSP-3100


The unique pulse induction metal detector deep, combines the functions of the detector and the magnetometer. Ferrous metal detection function enables discrimination.
detech ssp-3100 g fd

detech ssp-3100 g fd


When using large coils of large objects detection depth can reach 6 m highlights:
Maximum detection depth:
 20 x 20 cm-1.5 m,
 50×50 cm-2-2.5 m,
 2×2 m-4 m,
 2.5 x 5 m -6 m  (according to manufacturer).


leakage sensor for discrimination of ferrous metals at small depths. Operating frequency 100 Hz. Automatic tuning-out for soil. Managing latency (DELAY). Build a graphical chart for type inspection detected object. Static mode “all metals”.


Adjusting the depth for maximum effectiveness. Display illumination. Power supply: built-in rechargeable battery NiMh 1700 .
Headset: when using headphones you get lots of benefits-you can comfortably work in noisy environments and in high winds, also become better audible signals from targets and increases the duration of the batteries.
detech ssp-3100 g fd

detech ssp-3100 g fd

Working in headphones, you almost don’t alarm next to you folks. Fit any headphones with  1/4 “(Jack): search engine 1×1 m frame control unit instruction manual in English guarantee: 2 years from date of sale to the metal detector. 1 year warranty on the search box.

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