discovery 2200 bounty hunter metal detector

 discovery 2200 bounty hunter metal detector

Bounty Hunter 2200 full featured dynamic device is very simple to use and learn, for optical and depth, depending on the indicator on the LCD screen.
Ideal machine for research on beaches gives remarkable results when you search for minerals. Which side does not see the device has the best value for money. Adjust all settings are very simple and intuitive.
Bounty Hunter 2200

discovery 2200 bounty hunter metal detector



Discovery control unit 2200 Hunter: Bounty Hunter 2200

Scope of delivery:
Electronic control unit,
The top bar with arm rest
Less rod
Eight-inch coil ™ d-technology
Packaging containers,
User manual in English.
Advantages of fisherman B&H 2200 discover over competitors:
Already from the first day of the search, the results will amaze you. There are five patterns of discrimination that are configurable by pressing the touch button. Automatic disc, without loss of sensitivity. When you turn the power on the remote control, automatic. Thanks to the LCD screen, you can get all the information to find the metal object. Position indicator on the screen displays the numerical offset, consisting of nine spans about detecting targets. Four band audio signal and integrated digital indicator confirms the find object. The function is designed to ‘ zap ‘ instant response from the unnecessary removal of the object. Coil used in the device, for Exchange, plus you can use 4 and 10 inches. Adjustable armrest and Rod designed to appeal to children and adults. The device weighs 1300 grams only, so is great for beginners and children.


Detector type: dirt,
Chart type: very low frequency,
Depth of detection items:
The size of a coin – 18-25 cm
A major goal of 80-90 cm
Automatic installation of soil balance “ground-trac”, without losing the sensitivity,
Modes: “all metals” class “,” disk “,
Remember the “zap” and removes unnecessary objects
LCD segment identification for nine by type
Working frequency: 6 kHz,
The detection depth indicator,
Sensory changes keys the level of discrimination and sensitivity
Four tonal sound in response to different types of minerals,
Standard 1/4 “headphone jack,
Feed power:
Two AA alkaline battery 6LR61 (alkaline) (“Crown”), charge enough to work, 8 hours
Battery status indicator,
The interchangeable coil (in addition to purchase coil 4 “and 10″)
Length of rod (117-148 cm) adjustable
Adjustable armrest,
Scope of work temperatures between 0 ° c to + 40 ° c,
Collection of atmospheric humidity ranges from 0 to 90%, non-condensing
The standard eight-inch search coil
Weight-1300 grams.

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