Dowsing rods

Dowsing rods you need training too large and is the most important thing but successful in vacuums and water only
And I can select very carefully vacuum of space and depth and its beginning and its end horizontally and vertically
Dowsing rods are not looking for a quick profit but to take these matters hobby and seeks to acquire knowledge
For the psychological factor that affects only the first years and known insulation tools let you get rid of it even if you are a beginner
And for working out necessary carrying at least two people to confirm their same results before drilling and is also required to be a competent person sticks with olive
In order not to drill only after ascertaining
For examination be dowsing rods at different times to avoid scorching heat and not to cheat you target and reflections on different days too, and the most important thing to avoid examination at night because most incorrect results 
dowsing rods
My advice to everyone not drilling based on the outcome of the examination of the brass bars because you will lose time and effort and perhaps reach the magnetic stone attract dowsing rods and honest I used native Italian industry bars equipped with special filters and restaurant and have not found meaningful only scans only blanks used only for vacuum
Dowsing rods never metal detectors were originally found to search for water and then vacuum the water because another in a vacuum,
The use of dowsing rods in metal detecting the blood, it does not support int entirely on dowsing rods do not infect a field goal but Centre surroundings particularly in chloroplasts of impenetrable ions, it may be place metal ions detected emerging is not out of the target Center straight to the top, but found more weaknesses among the rocks it exited, thus making majority digging in the wrong places ,
As for photography
Best suited for research with dowsing rods as a complement for dowsing rods pulsed stimulation devices
(Magnetic Pulse Induction) meaning that the file sender and receiver the same status
Dowsing rods-marks on the metal inoculation by
2. dowsing rods subject to psychological factor significantly for example if you are looking for a goal and you expect this objective in a particular place, the akdaban will automatically plunge marks the place doubtful
3. trigger radiation dowsing rods gold which could be off target because of the way it is stored and therefore find most researchers do not get the right place
Tips for users of dowsing rods:
1. when searching for metal through this route should not determine the target might be in advance even if you have experience in signal analysis
2. this method must be used to approximate a location hidden and not to limit it and you must have your pulse to account for hidden place
Use dowsing rods must attaches a pulse urged to select scratch because of the difficulty of determining scratch rods dowsing and dowsing rods not professionals but find difficulty in selecting scratch through dowsing rods or via this device very simple
Catches from albelstk two-handed fenced under a little chest
You will vibrate in the direction of the trove was hidden right or North
How to scratch
Find introduction this device shaking above and below
Psychological factor in dowsing rods be when dowsing rods without handle
If dowsing rods to handle it don’t find psychological factor that affects something in movement of dowsing rods
Different metal inlays on copper skewer
If you are using skewers the vaccination on the handle in the hand North
If you are using single skewer vaccination in Sikh introduction
I mean leave 3 cm of Sikh and prelude are installing metal you want coverage to find his
I typed by using skewer one that’s for beginners
I advise you when testing to put the metal you want to test the Sikhs it next to a computer
Even influenced metal with pulse computer weibdaa to broadcast its ions, you can easily test the dowsing rods manufactured by
Sikh length must be 48 cm

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