DRS GROUND EXPER gold metal detector

DRS GROUND EXPER gold metal detector


The first metal detector with discrimination ideal for gold and silver for maximum search depth comes with a Tablet PC with your installed with advanced 3D software is the best gold detector to search for treasures. Very reliable and German technology.
Specially designed for hunters of treasures and adventurers, hunters and explorers with superior German technology.
The rules will change treasure hunt with Drs Ground Exper.

DRS GROUND EXPER gold metal detector

Is the best metal detector for the year in Europe and all over the world with a depth of perfect, perfect distinction, unique graphics properties, Windows 7 operating system, tablet PC and touch effects 1.6 GHz, battery system in operation without interruption over a period of 20 hours, solar battery system designed specifically for terrain, PI, three separate system tips and unique accessories.


Drs Ground Exper is the first metal detector with discrimination perfection of gold and silver, to find the maximum depth. It comes with a Tablet PC using the 3D program to analyze data with advanced functions, it is best between the detection of the gold market. Its reliability is guaranteed because the German technology.
German technology is designed for search engines of treasures, adventurers and explorers and researchers.

Drs Ground Exper – Search Review

Change the criteria regarding the search for treasures with Drs Ground Exper

The biggest problem that I found treasure hunters today is the presence in the field, such as the Trash: cans and rusty nails, and leaves, horses, etc., nightmare! Drs Ground Exper unique among all gold detectors in Peru that has system capable of distinguishing all metal trash can. If you are an operator metal detector in Peru, or anywhere in the world, and looks like a gold detector displays of mineral waste as if it were gold or as if the metal value, you have to visit us and purchase the equipment, we do not sell second using metal detectors, but we just sold the last generation and new metal detectors.

Drs Ground Exper – Ground Scanner – Velturn Techno Solutions Review

The main features

Measuring the efficiency of depth.
Perfect discrimination of minerals, surpassing all other metal detectors.
3D images has a unique and unparalleled.
It comes with a Tablet PC.
A set of batteries with autonomy for 20 hours.
Pulse induction (PI) various accessories.
Easy-to-use. Turn it on and begin to explore.
Five ways for discrimination.
With one button, remove noise and interference.
You can also purchase boxes m 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 meters depth.

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  1. Drs Ground Exper 3d Ground Scanner says:

    Drs Ground Exper 3d Ground Scanner
    Dr. First Exper first scanner 3d metal detector, gold metal detector deep search MCD-PL2,, China (Mainland ), MCD, MCD-PL2.Source from Shenzhen
    DRS First Exper first 3D scanner metal detector metal detector Mobile Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set / Sets 2pcs can get wholesale price .
    Drs Wholesale Products Supplier India – DRS Products, Hunter Coin Detector Products including DRS Coin Hunter Detector and Ground EXPER 3D earth technology, these products provide an effective DRS detection of metal coins . We offer our esteemed customers effective Coin Hunter detector at a reasonable price .

  2. […] Metal detector DRS GROUND EXPER ,data-processing  has a touch Tablet PC and the Windows operating system 7. The battery of the detector allows you to continuously work to 8 Hours . Metal detector comes with three interchangeable search coils, as well as additional accessories. […]

  3. […] DRS GROUND EXPER gold metal detector […]

  4. COM, leader de la vente de détecteurs de métaux grande profondeur et de radars de DRS Ground Exper · Détecteurs de métaux JEOHUNTER 3D · Fabriqué en allemagne le DRS est le premier détecteur contrôlé par une tablette tactile. C’est aussi le premier “PI” équipé d’une véritable , The standards of treasure hunting will change with DRS GROUND EXPER. It is the best metal detector of the year in Europe and all over the world.

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