Georadar Golden King,Golden King Plus DPR GPR Golden King Plus drs ground exper

Georadar Golden King

Georadar “the Golden King Plus» DPR represents the underground search radar of new generation, which has no analogues in the world, and is the most perfect system of reception and analysis of electromagnetic waves.
Georadar “the Golden King Plus the DPR is the world’s first high-tech system for image processing the researched the earthwork sites in real time.

Georadar Golden King



Georadar “the Golden King DPR is issued based on Plus a powerful 32 bit ARM9 microprocessor. Has the ability to generate a graphical 3D prepared an electromagnetic signals and to form an image at the time of object detection.
Many systems claim to objectivity of 3D graphics, display them on the basis of imperfect technologies of signal processing. Therefore, these devices, worth 10.000-20.000 Euros, if it finds an object, depending on the voltage values, call the corresponding figure. Essentially these graphs of voltage do not have anyone to pass the electromagnetic signals.
Programming environment of GPR Golden King Plus» DPR is based on Linux. A distinctive feature of the program is to build artificial intelligence algorithms that optimizes parallel computations when analyzing signals from the target object.
Through the use of technology in the system of adaptive search antennas, all the information about the object and the scanned area, including data on depths, comes to the screen with a single keystroke. These antennas monitor and control all movements of the operator. The filter operator error by calculation errors, which can distort the final data are excluded and do not affect the results. Thus, operator error neutralized.
The GPR Golden King Plus includes DPR camera for shots both on land and under water. The camera has a built in night vision and can operate at a depth of 30 m in absolute darkness, providing a clear image.
Thanks to the sensitive matrix camera you get high-quality images that can be stored and later play with professionals or employees in slow motion or frame by frame.
Another technological complement the underground Golden King GPR DPR Plus is the presence of the gas sensor. This site system is intended for safety-warnings about the harmful for human health cluster gas-methane, especially indoors.
Using the deep search engine you can search antenna with high resolution at a depth of up to 8 m when it detects an object directly, you can get a 3D plot of the signal. It is the only system in the world, which implements a communication signal in the form of schedule high-quality 3D images at the time of object identity.

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  1. […] Georadar “the Golden King Plus» DPR is designed for deep searches. If the antenna for surface search, able to receive information from the depths of up to 3 meters, the head of general purpose, can easily get data from a depth of up to 5 meters, as is equipped with a microprocessor that provides unique signal processing with significantly greater depths, as well as provides results with a high level of permissions. A deep upper head size cm allows data from a depth of up to 8 metres. This antenna is also able to differentiate between metals. Compared with other search engines, the antennas ability to distinguish metals from the deep dish is much better. […]

  2. […] Georadar “the Golden King Plus the DPR is the world’s first system to enable real-time process boost from an object in a 3D image. Thanks to the applied high technology-unique equipment and powerful built-in program system underground georadar “the Golden King Plus, the DPR has revolutionized the search equipment segment. Technological superiority makes georadar “the Golden King Plus unsurpassed DPR appliance in normal and older systems. The device has a built-in 32-bit CPU and a large amount of RAM. All these features make this product one of the most technologically advanced at the moment. Thanks to used technology, developed the “Nokta Engineering” during last years, the result is truly impressive, especially for objects larger than the diameter of the coil. The technological method to achieve what was considered impossible until now. Georadar “the Golden King Plus» DPR allows high-resolution, ranging from 0 to 8 m to conduct searches and, after receiving electromagnetic signals from the object is able to process them in seconds and give the operator a unique for of the researched object 3D graph e/m high-definition signal. […]

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  5. […] makes it possible to search for treasures in areas that were previously considered inaccessible. Radar Metal Golden King DPR Plus delivers on the screen length and width of the object , given the amplitude of the signal […]

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