br800p gold detector

br800p gold detector

Br 800 device to detect gold of good equipment, this device is an improved version of the previous version br 600, and the evolution of this device lies in the add filters and receive signals with great accuracy, the gold detector br 800 works to clear the area surrounding the place of installation of the device has the ability to discover gold coins large and small with filtering feature other metals.

Gold detector br800



BR800 device to detect gold

The way you use your gold detector BR800
The goal is to find, depending on the nature of this objective and to determine the programming required for each metal has its own program, you can save the rest of the metals of the search process, your br800 of modern technologies in the world for gold and other minerals.
This device is equipped with antenna and scan the surrounding area and is connected to the device directly buried metals are determined through nonlinear Te electromagnetic waves captured as a result of its interaction with the surrounding soil over the ages.

BR800 device to detect gold

When you search for gold is specifies the device to search for gold through the program with the device and download antenna upright and parallel similar to carry copper bars, and search a circular 2-3 meters in rotation around the main machine, when to be the antenna in the direction that indicates the presence of metal, in a manner similar to brass skewers when you reach the goal, the intersection of the antenna above the target , And check the region of more than fragrant, until you confirm the target correctly.

This video clip shows the device and method of use

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  1. […] جهاز br 800 لكشف الذهب من الاجهزة الجيدة في هذا المجال، ويعتبر هذا الجهاز نسخة محسنة من النسخة السابقة لهذا الجهاز   br600 وتطور هذا الجهاز يكمن في اضافة فلاتر لتنقية الإشارات واستقبالها بدقة كبيرة، جهاز كشف الذهب br 800 يعمل على مسح المنطقة المحيطة بمكان تركيب الجهاز ولدية القدرة على اكتشاف القطع الذهبية الكبيرة والصغيرة مع ميزة فلترة المعادن الاخرى. […]

  2. minelab br800p says:

    minelab br800p
    The first device in the world to uncover the treasures of gold and BR 800
    BR 800
    We can now confidently say that we announce that our system is a long-term BR800 device in 2012 indisputably not a competitor
    Device features:
    BR 800 is the upgraded version for a wonderful device BR600 were supplied fitted with filters to purify the signal hobbies 100% in order to be able to penetrate up to depths of 50 meters. This device also features the ability to detect whether they are golden targets of natural gold (gold ore) or gold factory gold coins and ancient burials beneath the surface of the Earth up to 1500 meters in front of me in a circular motion,

  3. BR 800 Gold Detecting Machine. Price; Region Potchefstroom; Intent Trade Contact Me; Sources Web Site.BR 800 P. This product holds the international quality certificate and accredited by the International Detection and excavations.

  4. Abdussalaam Omary Hassan says:

    How are this is Abdussalaam from Tanzania
    Can tell me how many meters BR800 can detect and how much do you sell it?

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