gold prospecting technology


gold prospecting technology

The main loss at prospecting and placer gold occurred in thin plates, and Molecules gold with particle sizes from millimetres to a few microns. When applying traditional technologies can extract only 50-80% of the gold. As a result of this gold is in the dumps and tailings deposits. An average of 300 remains in the dumps up to 500 milligrams of gold per cubic meter of rock.
The proposed technology with high efficiency allows you to extract residual gold. For example, as a result of the use of technology in processing of Sand piles, 12000 m3 of extracted chemically 4.5 kilograms of pure gold. No less interesting are the ore dumps; the content of gold in them ranges from 1 to 2.5 grams per tonne of gold extraction, and ranges from 15 to 50%.

gold prospecting  technology




The technology is based on the application of centrifugal concentrators.
High rates of specific performance and efficiency. 3) environmental cleanliness. For vehicles require only electricity and water.


Low power consumption, low weight, dimensions and floor space.
High recovery of heavy mineral concentrates, rich in unrivalled performance extraction of small, thin, “flat” and “floating” gold.
High quality and affordable prices, reasonable delivery times, reliability, durability, spare parts delivery.


Hubs are designed to highlight heavy particles from mixtures of materials of different density.
A promising field of centrifugal concentrators is processing current and that needed remaining stockpiles with gold content. Particularly effective use of these hubs for extraction of fine gold .
removing the small and thin gold when gravitational and enrichment of ores containing gold in a free form;
selection of products rich in gold when tuning the different beverage concentrates.
free capture the gold from the ore and grinding products circulating products float size;
 recycling dumps and tailings from gold prospecting current enrichment and ore;
selection of gravity-gold in geological exploration.
Experience shows that the use of technology among the Advanced installation enables you to extract up to 40-60 kilograms of fine gold per season during his detention in the tails of 0.5 g/m3. Testing of various tailings on the territory of Russia and abroad on our hub shows that such contents are typical.


Industrial tests for determining the extent of free particles of gold extraction carried out on different types of crushed ore, gold-bearing sands .

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