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GPA 1000

loja que vende gpa 1000 no peru The new GPA 1000 is best ground scanner and metal detector to find gold up to 15 m depth. Through transformation in micro electronic the newly developed GPA 1000 electronic unit is embedded in a compressed quality box Kts Gpa 1000 3d.

GPA 1000

The latest German three-and two-dimensional figurative discovers gold treasures and ancient ruins buried under Earth and determines the target depth in meters and centimeters
GPA 1000

GPA 1000

Characteristics and features:

· Calibration of soil automatically

· Improve search performance efficiency

· The use of high-performance imaging system

· Monitor calibration wizard-automatic

· Calibration data visually

· Data can be stored in the internal memory that stores all Photogrammetry user photographed by up to 20 image scan

· This device was designed by world-class, to work anywhere in the world

Parts and components:

· Main unit

· Sensitive scanner length 44 centimeters, width 36 centimeters

· Bag to prevent the main unit and managed to carry the device easily

· Big bag to contain and store the device with full equipment

· Battery 12 volt

· 220 v electric charger

· Charger for your device installed in the car

· Headphones

· General warranty

· English and Arabic catalogues

· CD tutorial methods, and the device

· German industry

gpa 1000 gold detector

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