GPA 1000

loja que vende gpa 1000 no peru The new GPA 1000 is best ground scanner and metal detector to find gold up to 15 m depth. Through transformation in micro electronic the newly developed GPA 1000 electronic unit is embedded in a compressed quality box Kts Gpa 1000 3d Ground Scanner Ground Penetrating Analyzer, You Can Buy Various High Quality Kts Gpa 1000 3d Ground Scanner Ground Penetrating ,The new metal detector deep GPA 1000 Version 2013, is a ground penetrating analyzer developed and manufactured in Germany.KTS-Electronic GPA 1000. 4. 1 General guidelines. We on your purchase of one of the most advanced geophysical ground control.

GPA 1000

The latest German three-and two-dimensional figurative discovers gold treasures and ancient ruins buried under Earth and determines the target depth in meters and centimeters
GPA 1000

GPA 1000

Characteristics and features:

· Calibration of soil automatically

· Improve search performance efficiency

· The use of high-performance imaging system

· Monitor calibration wizard-automatic

· Calibration data visually

· Data can be stored in the internal memory that stores all Photogrammetry user photographed by up to 20 image scan

· This device was designed by world-class, to work anywhere in the world

Parts and components:

· Main unit

· Sensitive scanner length 44 centimeters, width 36 centimeters

· Bag to prevent the main unit and managed to carry the device easily

· Big bag to contain and store the device with full equipment

· Battery 12 volt

· 220 v electric charger

· Charger for your device installed in the car

· Headphones

· General warranty

· English and Arabic catalogues

· CD tutorial methods, and the device

· German industry

gpa 1000 gold detector

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