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Ground balance metal detectors

Ground metal detectors are designed to search in the soil. These metal detectors have the largest range of search functions of metals and sizes can find targets that start with the size of the pellet. The most important property of ground metal detector is a function of discrimination metals.

Ground balance metal detectors


Ground Balance is one of the most important functions of a metal detector . It serves not only for that would fit the device to work on a completely different according to the type of soil areas (alkaline soil, mineral-rich , salty sea beaches , etc.) but also adjusts the frequency of the detector at the slightest change of mineralization as Most devices are very sensitive and critical react to it .

Hand balancing is typically a fact that there is a certain range of settings for manual input and calibration of the instrument , usually accompanied by some graph on the display , the alignment of which at this point indicates the correct instrument settings .
Ground balance metal detectors
Some models have light detectors professional

iron oxide content ( more read the content of the iron oxide ) in the soil which is continuously updated in real time , and the operator has the possibility of more accurate and timely setting to maintain maximum power and the depth of its tool.

Regardless of what kind of ground balance is a particular model – depending on the used software algorithms , the operating frequency and coil , as well as many other secondary factors efficiency and operation  may slightly vary, therefore we recommend that you carefully study instruction.


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