A GROUND Electronics Company Drs EXPER German, is a pulsing urged up to depth of 5 metres, to the device file 1 m * m/as knead 2 m * m/f 3 m * 3 and three discs on them from the same company, sealing device does not catch small goals but focuses in his research on big goals.
By property excellence five forms of discrimination, and the company says that isolates the iron completely, and the device can differentiate between aluminum and Al-Dahab and silver and determines the point of drilling, and can also determine the size and nature of the target and CDDA depth, from Qoussin (m and Choi at most can be isolated from these minerals)))))
GROUND EXPER offers new and sophisticated is the technology, device control through touch pad and that also allows you to perform many applications such as the Internet and GPS to determine the location in which you and dad were prospecting by making it easier for you to scan the region, and also the touchpad screen all lessons & instructions concerning the use of the device and its many peculiarities … …For example, if the device does not recognize you on a specific metal, you can vaccinate device nsikan metal before setting out to search, via a pass from in front of the dish machine
Weight 3 kg and half, resistant to mineral soil automatically or manually, the saucer waterproof, 3 year warranty

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The reports post GROUND EXPER appeared first consumer on detectors for gold.

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