ground radar metal detectors

ground radar metal detectors


The ground radar or GPR allows detection of very large objects or cavities at depths that no detector even with a frame can reach. Using a different frequency sensor can also focus on smaller targets.


These devices, originally reserved for professional use in engineering, are democratized. Thus, more people use to find ancient tunnels, deposits of ores, or deeply buried tanks. A different color palette allows identification of the various materials and objects, a visualization of their volume, size as well as shape. It can also determine their approximate depth of burial.
ground Radar metal detectors

ground Radar metal detectors



The ground Radar is a complex technology based on the emission, transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves. Treatment and analysis of the signals received to obtain an image of the subsurface or inside of the reporting structure. Designed around one or more antennas or sophisticated bandwidth sensors, ground penetrating radar, emitting waves that penetrate the soil, receives the reflected waves which are then analyzed via a computer in real time (or not) and broadcast on the screen. These ‘irregularities’ in the basement appear under your eyes in 2D and 3D. The software can be updated. You need to connect this ground-penetrating radar to a portable PC that will do the calculations in real time. ground radar cannot discriminate between metals (it’s IMPOSSIBLE) or make the difference between a stone, a shoe or a currency, because the densities of these objects are the same. Many manufacturers have their machines as the miracle radar, however this does not exist. For us ground radar is not suitable for metal but rather than cavities.

The best products on the market

There are several manufacturers around the world, their common point being to propose sometimes unreasonable price machines. Made in the USA, the GOLD RADAR 2 S is the first true ground at a public price radar (€7,448). It has nothing to envy to other machines that are sometimes sold tens of thousands of euros, the only difference being that the latter are sometimes provided with a laptop computer and several antennas and sensors of detection. With the decline in computer prices, it will cost you only a few hundred euros for a portable trendy. As the 3100 SS, it is the reference in his specialty and in particular in the USA where it bears another name.


By increasing the number of sensors/sensor and the size of the antenna, you increase the performance of your ground radar. This part is the most sensitive of your device. From the GOLD RADAR 4S (4 sensors/sensors), a LIVE mode is proposed that gives you a live mapping on your mobile that exists in the soil while backing up the data on your hard disk. 8 S and 16S models offer larger antennas and more sensors/sensor (8 and 16) to reach depths never achieved by any other device.

Attention detectors for professionals involving constraints!

You will understand, to buy this kind of machine, need you the expertise of specialists in great depth. a division of the excavator shop specializing in deep detection and ground radars. Their advisors will be able to refer you to the most suitable models (professional use construction / mining industry or treasure hunt), and train you to use, that very few people are able to do .


The use of a ground radar implies many constraints: they are expensive, they are unwieldy on the ground and have a low autonomy (1 to 2 hours), they do not work better when the Earth has been disturbed or when it rained, they require a scan in one direction (it is therefore scanner bands in the same direction and constantly back to start a new band).

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