How to clean old coins

old roman gold coins




Often have important coins and be affected by the factors of time, which leads us to think about tendifha and this may contribute to their destruction and lack of value and blur parameters and CDDA gmalitha, because after cleaning not rational see pieces became the hole empty and distortions due to the removal of all impurities and blur to form, and this is a big mistake you must avoid, for this you find that museums and dealers of ancient coins are not to be cleaner, because the dirt is flying Value and which also enables the merchant to confirm that this Visual balmlahadah already old and antique pieces,
When his old cleaner you must consider privacy to old form, this is very important to not lose visibility, and also not to use household cleaning products, and when cleaning do not paste two together, even in storage required each one individually
Here are some tips and ideas to clean your widget.(Experiment on a piece of cheap, to make sure the speech first, endorsed this communication to the Secretariat),


-Soak parts in hot water and SOAP.


-To remove the dirt on the surface of silver, placed in a
Hot water and liquid soap. Then rinse thoroughly with water and dry them
With a soft cloth to dry.
With ether, alcohol or a laundry mark diluted in hot water cleaning.
-Using a mixture of water and ammonia, and wipe with a soft cloth.
With a pencil eraser rub.
-Take your done, wet and a bit with toothpaste
Body scrub using a soft toothbrush. Rinse your piece under water, wipe dry.

Bronze pieces

-Use warm water and SOAP, and rinse with clear water
-Use the bristle brush and care to maintain the appearance.
With a cloth soaked in a solution of water, 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 vinegar scrub.
The copper coins there wasn’t much to do since brass oxidized
Naturally in the air.
-To clean a piece of brass, rub with vegetable oil or olive oil and
Wipe with a soft cloth.


Abrasive powder on the wet
Or vinegar and salt.
-Soak in the boiling vinegar which will reduce salt.
-Leave it cool down and dry completely and to clean copper coins, avrkhm
With vegetable oil or olive oil and wipe with a soft cloth.
Use hot water and detergent, abrasive zinc
-Detergent diluted in warm water, and clean damp brush widget.
With clean water rinse.