how to use dowsing rods to find gold

how to use dowsing rods to find gold

What is dowsing? It is innate or developed exercises the ability to determine the presence of water in the ground, metal or … any traces of past centuries. In general it does not provide for the use of dowsing metal detectors and electronic instruments, however, consider its use as something to facilitate searching with the detector.


how to use dowsing rods to find gold



 Dowsing rods and effective in search for treasures

The use of dowsing rods in the search for gold

Dowsing rods to search for gold

Dowsing rods from old times


No Mystique, such simple tools as frames or pendulum, only serve to strengthen the unobtrusive and very tangible, uncontrolled muscle movements of the shoulders and hands, and the receiver is the person himself.


Theories to explain the reasons for this phenomenon is not little, but here we will not consider them as a development methodology and abilities to dowsing. Yes it is because of past experiments have shown roughly 8 out of 10 people may well work operators frames or pendulum. Wishing to find enough information on this subject in the literature and on the Internet. We are interested than dowsing can help in searching with a metal detector.


Initially, this of course work with the pendulum. The pendulum is a weight of 30 grams of weight is simply on a thread. In its hold, hold your thumb and index finger. The work is done over a map, is no worse than a map or diagram of the plan, painted with his hands. I’ve heard about people working and over the lying horizontally in a computer monitor.


The pendulum rotates clockwise is positive reaction.
Rotate counter-clockwise – negative reaction.
Swinging like a pendulum – neutral reaction.
Some operators are the individual reactions of the pendulum, and understand them only by himself, an experienced experimenter.


Moving the pencil or pen on the map, you think about the site and wondering, is he here, with a good understanding of the area being surveyed in real life.


And, of course, getting (if getting) response from its pendulum, take the detector and forward for treasure!


Actually how to work with the pendulum much, I brought here as an example only.


Thus, looking for much, oil, gold, and archaeological sites of missing people by the way.


Working with the g-shaped rods or V-shaped core (type withy antiquity) was generally used directly on the ground and consequently requires more time and effort. As the saying goes – legs, legs. G-shaped rods held horizontally to the ground in each hand and parallel to each other. When they find themselves on the issues that interest you, then crossed. V-shaped, Rod, would simply move up and down when the earth beneath them, is what you’re looking for.


If you are successful, you will save time and effort, and so many more interesting places to explore.


Surely, even on successful completion of the experiments with dowsing, it won’t replace your high-quality metal detector. So you don’t have to! But it would make a pleasant variety in activity search. And test your skills in a new case that is interesting, and suddenly.
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