Locator C21

Locator C21 

Metal detector 2012 Locator C21
A alradaralmtkhess system to detect gold, silver and diamond underground
Easy to use, precise performance, lightweight, detectability in the long term with the required dimension, to determine the depth of the target detected, select the type of metal you want to find, we are pleased to provide this specification a remote sensing system to detect earth treasures detectors 2011 (gold-silver-diamonds) with a
Hardware specifications
Specialist for the following materials: gold-silver-diamond
Depth 10 m below ground
Front range 1500 m maximum
Specifies the type of metal
Specifies the depth of the detected target
Weight kg 400 g only
How the work of the organ:
Detectors projector easily work on it is set by a key to control the type of metal being detected (gold or silver or diamonds), after determining the type of metal you can adjust the desired term to search by select key dimensions which includes the following dimensions
(500 – 1000 – 1500) meters after exactly and start detection device to send and receive special frequencies to detect the underlying metal a term chosen and depth of 10 meters in the ground when you pick up any signal device will wrap automatically target when heading Explorer target referred to by Ballantyne signal transceiver will illustrate the accuracy of target through existing optical signal on your device and acceleration in the ring device and when you reach the target directly detected by high The voice resonance and optical signal is complete the device then sure stand over the target
My detectors of pride industries of America for strength and ease of use, small size and accuracy of results as it is resistant to natural factors of soil drought and humidity and igneous rocks and basalt and the device has been tested by the manufacturers to prove their quality before putting it on the market
Ensure that for a period of one year

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Locator C21

Locator C21 metal detectors

Metal detector 2012 Locator C21

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