LORENZ Z1 Z-1 of DeepMax gold metal detector

Lorenz Z1 series detectors are some of the latest developments in the field of metal detectors pulse GBS . It is probably one of the metals most sensitive detectors and a stable of its kind currently available. Lorenz Z1 is the result of many years of research and development. Has put a lot of effort in making this new product , especially in the mineral classifications new and improved facilities and automatic ground balancing .The new version of the metal detector Lorenz Z1, has been enhanced capabilities of this reagent by adding the latest developments in the field of metal detection , the metal detector Lorenz Z1 and one of the most metal detectors sensitivity , stability of the whole even in the mineral soil , salt water , and the advantage of easily to use for beginners and professionals.

LORENZ Z1 Z-1 of DeepMax gold metal detector



Metal detector Lorenz Z1 has the ability to detect small pieces very gold , is characterized by the ability to work with all the circumstances, and the sensitivity of precious metals such as gold, silver, metal detector Lorenz Z1 new industry German , force structure and different measurements of the coils .


This video demonstration shows the specification metal detector Lorenz Z1

And you can see the detailed operating instructions for metal detector Lorenz Z1

Download Operating Instructions Lorenz Z1

Special features of the new Lorenz Z1

Very sensitive to all kinds of minerals and precious metals , especially gold and silver , such as copper , bronze
Stable operation even in mineral soils and saline water from by extrapolation pulse system
Reliable and easy to use for beginners and professionals
GPS accuracy with a large coil – even on the smallest objects
Adjustable to dig suppression of small things , very small at less scrap
Background sound adjustable ( threshold) and multiple selections
All information can be found on the LCD , such as conductivity, signal strength, and to identify , and iron / precious metals.
Suppression of candidate search in areas where strong interference zones and industrial city

12 – volt battery works for 7 – 14 hours without recharging .

The GPS systems are used Lorenz Z1 all over the world with great success. Special emphasis is placed on the low-power and sensitivity to precious metals such as gold or silver.

Although PI ( pulse induction ) discrimination metals possible !

By PI Engineering also in stone and mineral soil depth performance and perfect discrimination minerals. Separate transmitter and receiver coils offer this investigation in the double – D technology for the most hassle – free search on the metal surface . For accurate localization of small metal parts , such as coins of bronze , silver and gold with this thorough investigation by selecting a good job and easy to carry out .

Why are customers Lorenz was very pleased … ? Simplicity of operation , and extremely robust construction are made in Germany and a clear layout of the controls and easy to read , and specially developed LC display that all the settings are displayed permanently , clear and easy to use for beginners and professionals .

With optional 3D GPS Data Logger Kit can be upgrade to Z1 Z1 3D to get more information from the ground. Rating locally with your computer or laptop from the bottom examination . Simple application of satellite – based with high depth when using the coil frame.

Can not be achieved depths of a very good location for Lorenz Z1 even in a very mineral soil for much of the precious metals. It is therefore much higher than in many of the standard induction or high frequency pulse VLF-TR.
By combining the conductivity and a slowdown in signal intensity or strength indicator of the Fund can draw conclusions on the depth and size of the object found .

Non-ferrous metals , precious metals and mixed well with the non- iron objects . Even the largest iron fragments and other small parts near the surface of the X5 X6 or integrated metal differentiation can be distinguished from metal objects largest deeper into the Lorenz Z1.

With a metal detector Lorenz Z1 especially able to detect metal objects low in salt water or strong mineral exploration and soil magnetic unreliable. In addition , even small nuggets , coins and small objects can be located with high sensitivity when using small files search .

Pulse GBS ( Earth ‘s pulse budget system ) is particularly suitable for in-depth research . This electronic device performance affected almost from the salt water , most types of minerals or the reasons for changes in temperature . Specially designed electronics cancel out signals from the ground while offering stable signals from metal objects. Thus, DEEPMAX Z1 is a reliable tool to locate at great depths , even under the worst environmental conditions . A new improved circuit design suppresses interference from power lines and power pulse technique produces very accurate signals for the depths of a very high detection .

Lorenz Z1 is at a high level for detecting quality specialist and it is designed to be used with coil alike, small or large. Large coil provides the extreme depth of the capabilities of a large metal objects because of the strong magnetic field and deep- going producer . Coil used should preferably be small during the search for small objects like coins and one or gold nuggets .

This model offers a wide range of non – ferrous metal objects in general. And ensures a very simple process by LC display specially crafted and a minimum amount of controls. At the same time submit this form to detect a number of features that are new for a metal detector pulse. High- quality electronics and very special designed electronic – Advantages circuit products in terms of ease of use as well as sensitivity .

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  1. Wow, fantastic weblog layout! How long have you ever been running a blog for?
    you make blogging glance easy. The entire look of your web site is
    fantastic, as well as the content material!

  2. lorenz deepmax x6 with frame 1 meter

    Of course superior publish. We have heading up for your world wide web. Usually compose with your own experience and share. Oh! genuinely grateful.

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  4. lornze says:

    On target about 5 mm Lorenz hardly optimal , it is better to use GPX.
    These coils have a large range of different manufacturers. Choosing Lorentz
    bounded by the coils .
    Discrimination rather arbitrary , like a series of GPX, sensitivity settings % Fe and no
    only possible with coils DD ( white , their program in 2 pieces) . only works
    the steady signal from the target, at a shallow depth and clean soil without waste.
    With mono ring coils and loops , there is no discrimination .
    Canister 20 liters would look with frame 2×2 meters to 2 meters deep , if the area
    not too big, ground mineralization is not high, 2.5 m high , then the result
    by resection is not guaranteed.
    The device is quite good, better than the Pulse Star II Pro, but not magical. Discrimination more marketing
    than a real option for the searcher. In my opinion, when PI technologies today, and given the cost
    instrument , it would be better done by protection IP67/68.
    The device is mainly used as an auxiliary to check anomalies found magnetometer
    without processing geophysical data programs. It saves time and reduces the search
    false digs with man-made debris and high mineralization .

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