Metal detector AKA Eagle 5

Metal detector AKA Eagle 5

Introducing our new product. A new metal detector of firm “berkut-5 AKA” device has a new convenient menu. But more than that, it is a continuation of some of the best appliances, A.K.A.

Metal detector AKA Eagle 5



Condor series and incorporates only the best quality of this device, improving characteristics such as depth detection and identification of objects in clay, the separation of garbage on the ground, etc. without visiting the Service Center, you will be able to


to install any of the sensors manufactured by «AKA» working in the frequency range from 1.5 up to 22 kHz, as this unit is integrated with automatic configuration of new sensors.


“Berkut-5″ wide screen display that allows you to view clearly in the picture, as well as to view additional information about the installed operating modes
Using programmed buttons can be set to control functions such as the management of shock sensor, backlight display power saver mode, turn on/off the analog mode.


The device has a high quality front panel with touch buttons with convex effect operates on 4 batteries (accumulators), 6V AA


Made in: Russia
Warranty: 2 years

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