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Metal detector AKA SIGNUM MFT 7272M (SIGNUM 7272M)

The most perfect metal detector line AKA puts records in depth and discrimination.
Principle of operation: VLF
The main working frequency: from 1 up to 30 kHz (depends on the used spool)
Sensitivity adjustment: from 1 till 14
Visual ID: holograph, 2-x digital index VDI on a scale from -90 to +90, rating (level) signal-RS

Metal detector AKA SIGNUM MFT 7272M (SIGNUM 7272M)



Sound identification of goals: 2, 3, 4, or 5-tone polyphony (5 modes [PB/PB/m-PB-CT/CT/KTP-RAH])
The tonal background/threshold tone: from 1 to 9
Dynamic modes: “all metals”, “Pie with diskretion 2° discrimination»
Number of programs: 4, user  each of which you can change and save
The mode of accurate detection of the object (Pin Point): Yes
Object depth indicator: 5-segment
5 cents coin detection depth: 35 cm in economy mode, is about 60 cm in Turbo mode
Soil balance adjustment: automatic and manual
Soil salinity indicator: Yes
Electrical interference tweak:
Headphone Jack: Yes
Volume adjustment: there are, from 1 to 9
Display back light: Yes
Memory configuration:
Connecting to your computer:-
Coil: 9.5 x 12.5 inches “DD” 7 kHz
Power: AA battery-6 PCs
Battery life: 16-18 hours, up to 40 hours in economy mode or up to 7 in Turbo mode
Operating temperature: -20° c +50° c
Weight in working order: 1460 g

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