Metal detector AKA SIGNUM MFT 7272M (SIGNUM 7272M)

Metal detector AKA SIGNUM MFT 7272M (SIGNUM 7272M)

The most perfect metal detector line AKA puts records in depth and discrimination.
Principle of operation: VLF
The main working frequency: from 1 up to 30 kHz (depends on the used spool)
Sensitivity adjustment: from 1 till 14
Visual ID: holograph, 2-x digital index VDI on a scale from -90 to +90, rating (level) signal-RS

Metal detector AKA SIGNUM MFT 7272M (SIGNUM 7272M)



Sound identification of goals: 2, 3, 4, or 5-tone polyphony (5 modes [PB/PB/m-PB-CT/CT/KTP-RAH])
The tonal background/threshold tone: from 1 to 9
Dynamic modes: “all metals”, “Pie with diskretion 2° discrimination»
Number of programs: 4, user  each of which you can change and save
The mode of accurate detection of the object (Pin Point): Yes
Object depth indicator: 5-segment
5 cents coin detection depth: 35 cm in economy mode, is about 60 cm in Turbo mode
Soil balance adjustment: automatic and manual
Soil salinity indicator: Yes
Electrical interference tweak:
Headphone Jack: Yes
Volume adjustment: there are, from 1 to 9
Display back light: Yes
Memory configuration:
Connecting to your computer:-
Coil: 9.5 x 12.5 inches “DD” 7 kHz
Power: AA battery-6 PCs
Battery life: 16-18 hours, up to 40 hours in economy mode or up to 7 in Turbo mode
Operating temperature: -20° c +50° c
Weight in working order: 1460 g

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