Metal detector DRS GROUND EXPER

| July 23, 2013 | Metal Detectors

Metal detector DRS GROUND EXPER

A metal detector with perfect discrimination. The DRS GROUND EXPER, of German manufacture is the first that discriminates in a perfect way the gold and silver, so it is best between market, but not gold detectors detect shallow, but thanks to its 1 m x 1 m chart achieves great depth, up to 10 meters of depth of detection by manufacturer.
Metal detector DRS GROUND EXPER

Metal detector DRS GROUND EXPER



Detection of treasures standards change with the arrival of the DRS GROUND EXPER. Therefore, without a doubt it is the best metal DETECTOR of the year.
Manufactured with the latest technology, your control unit is a Tablet PC with a software specially designed for these detectors, which allows high-fidelity data analysis.


Designed for adventurers, seekers of treasures, researchers, and explorers. The biggest problem with which are those who seek treasures today is the abundance of scrap and other metal waste in areas in which there are searches, for example: tops of bottles, cans, rusty nails, capsules for bottles, horseshoes, etc., it’s so troublesome! DRS GROUND EXPER stands out as superior to any detector of metals in Mexico thanks to its ability to distinguish all those ordinary metals.


If you have a detector of gold, silver and others, that you metal waste as if it were gold or detected as if it were a metal value, you need this equipment. Watch a video that proves the effectiveness of the DRS GROUND EXPER with different types of metals and gold. -See more at:



Development  of metals DRS GROUND EXPER


It has a system of production which has no other detector, your eyes won’t believe what they see in the elaborate graphics, they will allow you to know with great precision if it worth or not start digging.


Its advantages.


Easy to use. Turn it on and begin to be detected.


Although you have the option to make the balance of soil (which, worth highlighting, is extremely easy to make), this will not be necessary, as DRS GROUND EXPER is almost not affected by soil mineralization. It is ideal for those starting with this hobby, because despite having a technology so advanced and many options is very easy to handle, even more is one of the metal detectors more easy to handle. Turn it on and start detecting!


Define the type of metal you are looking for.


It has 5 search modes: gold, silver, precious, all metal and iron, one chooses that type or types of metal you want to search. The accuracy in the DRS GROUND EXPER discrimination has never before been seen, its great capacity of discrimination will make your imagination fly.


Perfect metal discrimination.


To detect more emotion, thanks to its 5 pre-installed search forms you encounter, you will save much time, money and effort. You can realize the object type that is detected with the touch of your fingers. The disappointments of digging only to find a nail or other ordinary came to an end.


Adjustable noise floor (mineralization) and other interference elimination.


With a single key, you can delete the ground noise and electromagnetic interference from the environment. You can detect those targets that other detectors have failed because of the mineralized soil.


Sophisticated depth measurement.


Search for coins, jewels and treasures at greater depths. DRS GROUND EXPER has a sophisticated system of calculation of the depth of the detected object.


Ergonomic design.


This detector is adjustable to make your search easier, for you and for anyone. DRS GROUND EXPER is lightweight, practical and effective.


Tablet PC


Tablet PC that comes with this metal detector has installed Windows 7 and the special detection software, allows you to store an infinite number of generated graphs of a detected object. Manual between you in print, but also on the Tablet and software comes built-in. It is very easy to use.


Graphics generation.


It has a worldwide unique graphics generation system, his eyes will not believe what they see. DRS GROUND EXPER users have one great advantage over others.


Three coils (headers, dishes) detection.


DRS GROUND EXPER has 3 coils of search:


Coil of 22.5 cm (8.9 ”), small search for small objects such as coins or discovering in the city.
Coil 45 cm (17.8 “), good size for a stable and deep search.
Chart 1 m x 1 m (39 ” x 39 ”), to a great depth of detection and without losing the capacity of discrimination.
Optionally pictures of detection of 2 m x 2 m (80 “x 80″) and up to 3 m x 3 m (120 ‘ x 120 ‘) can be ordered for an even greater search depth.
Remember that we do not sell used metal detectors, or rent detectors, only put on sale of new metals, latest and best quality detectors.

Main characteristics of the metal detector.

Perfect discrimination of metals, beating all other metal detectors.
PI (induction technology pulses).
Operating frequency: 205.8 Hz at 500 m Ah.
3 search coils.
Compatible with any commercial headset.
Tablet PC with capacitive screen 10.1 “, Windows 7 original.
32 GB of internal memory, webcam, Bluetooth, USB connection.
Automatic and semi-automatic ground balance.
Efficient measurement of depth.
It has an unrivalled and unique Imaging System.
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (12V-12.4 DC 8Ah) with autonomy continues 20 hours.
Low battery alert: caution / visual and automatic.
Easy to use. Turn it on and begin to explore.
Five modes of discrimination.
Use a button to remove noise and interference.
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