Metal detector GEO EXAMINER



Metal detector GEO EXAMINER

Metal detector GEO EXAMINER



Geo Examiner is a computer (touch) touchscreen, so you no longer need to worry about the buttons or knobs using other detectors.
Probe geophysics. To detect and graphically separate objectives of the spaces empty and other geological characteristics of the soil.
He uses probes of floor transmission and reception for data capture. The geophysical system is available with 4 or up to 22 test probes.
Magnetometer. It comes with a gradiometer (which measures the gradient of the magnetic field between 2 or more points) super sensitive 80 cm showing the magnetic field of soil disturbances caused by spaces empty, ferrous metals, foundations, walls, etc.
Metal detector. For a selective search for valuable metal objects.
Compares the results of the three systems on the same ground to increase the likelihood of finding objects, thanks to its excellent characteristics can be used as a detector of gold, silver and other precious metals, which operate detectors of metals in Peru and Latin America enjoy this team 3 in 1.
Main features.
Subsurface graphics in real time. Don’t waste time visiting an area to capture data and then pass them to a computer to see if you’ve found something or not. Geo Examiner shows you the image while you are walking, instantly.
Geo Examiner makes analysis of the object and the calculation of depth in real time.
Professionals can also apply filters, adjust the intensity of signal and interference from the ground.
Depth of detection:
Geophysical probe: 40 m.
Magnetometer: 6 m.
Metal detector: 2 m.
types of high resolution graphics.
2D, basic graph GRID. Colors indicate variations in the data captured, also calculates the depth. You can view the exact location of the detected object.
Contour 2D graphics of high resolution. It softens the outline of objects. The colors indicate the properties and other details of the object.
3D, rotating graphics of the highest resolution. Select the area or simply click in 3D to see the complete picture of the ground in 3D.
Select the direction of travel of the field you want, there are 8 available. Exclusive function “replay”, which may, in the comfort of your home, return to visualize all the travel (s) who has made previously, thus no goal to escape him. Throughout their journey, may revive step by step with this function since it mimics the same travel journey, direction of travel and presents the original data.

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