metal detector Ground EFX MX100E

metal detector Ground EFX MX100E an updated model of the metal detector Ground EFX MX100E, which also has a low price and can compete with the more expensive and professional detectors. Thanks to technology VLF metal detector Ground EFX MX100E operates at low frequencies in the range 3-50 kHz, which allows to distinguish small objects in the soil up to 35 cm settings plain and simple, nevertheless Opportunity is not inferior to more expensive and complex detectors.


metal detector Ground EFX MX100E

metal detector Ground EFX MX100E – a modern microprocessor compactor detector working on technology VLF. metal detector Ground EFX MX100E was developed in the United States on the basis of already known metal detector Ground EFX MX100. Metal has a very wide range of applications and are, in consequence of which metal detector Ground EFX MX100E can compete with almost all metal detectors its price category.

metal detector Ground EFX MX100E best combined search capabilities and prices. Inexpensive and effective it has been designed in the summer of 2013 and successfully won the markets metal detectors all over the world . Dual display information about the target in the ground with a multi-tone fast response makes metal detector Ground EFX MX100E really comfortable and pleasant to use . Depth comparable to professional metal detectors ( at the coin up to 35 cm ) allows the metal detector Ground EFX MX100E become the undisputed leader in its price category .

Simple to set up and intuitive , even a novice metal detector Ground EFX MX100E not inferior to much more sophisticated and expensive metal detectors other firms. Metal has all the necessary settings : Ground Balance , sensitivity adjustment , volume control, discrimination and illumination . Pin -point function ( static mode ) allows the metal detector to determine the exact target location , approximate size and depth .

Ground EFX MX100 Digital Metal Detector

Features metal detector Ground EFX MX100E

Type: Metal Clay on the principle of VLF
Search coil : 10 inches
Operating frequency: 7 kHz
Search programs : All metals , coins, jewelry
Audible indication purposes : 4 tones HD
Pin -point ( static) : Yes
Power feed : 6 AA batteries or similar batteries
detection depth
Coin: 35 inches
Helmet : up to 75 centimeters
Drum: up to 135 centimeters


metal detector Ground EFX MX100E Better than ASIA !

metal detector Ground EFX MX100E maximum possible U.S. manufacturer of metal detectors Ground EFX. Developers have gathered in his new metal detector all that is possible : the display backlight , set the settings to work in automatic or manual mode , noise filtering , and more.
metal detector Ground EFX MX100E confidently occupied a niche medium metal detectors , and is perfect for both beginners and experienced as a metal detector to search engines. metal detector Ground EFX MX100E often bought for finding coins , antiques and gold beach . Advanced features of this detector allows efficient search for such purposes. But do not forget that the metal detector Ground EFX MX100E well as perfect for search and military artifacts and results in difficult conditions such as salty or highly mineralized soil.

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