Metal detector Icon data


Metal detector Icon data


Metal detector Icon data



Icon DATA can be used with any of the pulse induction metal detectors and detectors of 2 boxes. The function of the Icon DATA is the create images in 2D and 3D. Now, with the Data icon, these detectors can be updated and improved so that they can display images, which equiparara them to geophysical equipment, which cost a lot.
Icon DATA is more than a data acquisition device: is a device capable of displaying images in real time at the very time and place of detection. The treasure hunters complain that market data acquisition devices are very expensive and do not show images in real time, one has to scan the ground first, and then connect the data logger to the computer to finally be able to see the results. Anyone who operate a detector of metals in Peru, whether induction pulses or 2 boxes will appreciate this magnificent tool.
Main features:
Our Data icon shows the image of the object detected immediately, while user operates the detector in the normal manner (making an oscillatory motion with the detector coil), without controls complex or wasting time.
The handling of the DATA icon is simple, the device is connected to the input of the detector headphones.
Captures and processes hundreds of signals from the detector every second, and displays them in the form of image using its exclusive software, which can be installed both on laptops and Tablet PC.
In fact the DATA icon is very sensitive, so it is able to visualize abnormalities of the soil, such as: spaces empty, removed soil, Foundation, etc. All these structures interfere with the detector output sound and create small signals that are usually ignored by the speaker or headset of the detector and also by the human ear. The DATA icon amplifies these signals. Then is the decision of the user select if you want to see only metal objects, or anomalies in the soil (using software filters).
The user has full control over scanning. Data capture mode can be automatic for flat surfaces where it can maintain a constant step or choose manual mode on uneven terrain, so the dimensions of the area to be scanned, the type of graph, the calculation of depth are configured.
After you have configured the icon DATA guides the user through voice commands to start, walk, turn.
The DATA icon is compatible with all detectors of metals in Peru or any other country that are induction of pulses with soil no-automatico adjustment (either with reels or boxes) and with 2 box detectors: Deepmax X 3, X 5, press Star II, CS 9000 HPX, TM 808 and Gemini.
It has several modes sweep of the land, whether starting from left to right or vice versa, for oscillating mode. Or with parallel tours of top down.
Captures data controlled by computer, manually or automatically, but in both modes, the image is displayed in real time.
Automatic mode: data is automatically captured from 1 sample per second to 100 samples per second.
Manual mode: data capture is done manually.

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