Metal Detector Whites Prizm III

| May 16, 2013 | Metal Detectors

Metal Detector Whites Prizm III

Main features of Whites Prizm III

The handyman’s White’s Prizm III is a new-generation metal detector that is different from the other new design solution coil and rapid signal processing, possible thanks to the built-in microprocessor.

Metal Detector Whites Prizm III



LCD Monitor lets you not only attributed the find to one of eight categories, but also to determine the depth of objects of type “coin”. Metal detector has a convenient push-button control settings.


Technical characteristics


 working frequency, 6.6 kHz
Discrimination scale, 8 segments
Pseudo static dynamic mode,
The mode of accurate detection (Pin Point) are
Battery life,20 hours 
Battery level indicator is
Weight 1.15
There is a sensitivity adjustment
Detection of metal type sound is
The number of programs (including “all metals”) manual setting
Tuning-out for soil factory (automatic)
Sensitivity for the coin 5 copecks, see 25-27
Limited sensitivity, 1.5 m
Made in: United States
Warranty: 2 years


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