Microphone and camera detector spy – CC308

spy camera detector

Microphone and camera detector spy – CC308

This detector lets you know if someone spying on you without your knowledge. You can locate microphones, hidden cameras or tracers GPS in minutes. Extremely portable and easy to use, you can keep this device with you everywhere you go. A way easy and practical to ensure your safety and protect your privacy.

Microphone and camera detector spy - CC308-metal detectors for gold



This detector has 2 functions:

* Wireless signal detector:
This unit is designed to detect the wireless microphones hidden, cell phones or any equipment emitting radio frequencies between 1 MHz to 6.5 GHz including GSM, VHF, UHF, and plotters. Whenever it detects a signal, the detector emits a beep or a vibration (depending on the mode). Once found, simply follow the indicator LEDs of power and follow the signal.

 Camera or camera lens detector:

The detector consists of 6 very intense LED lights. When you turn on the sensor, the lights are reflected by objectives any hidden spyware devices. By looking through the viewing window you will be able to locate the smallest spy cameras same effortless. Its objective you will appear as a small red light very brilliant.


Laser camera sensing distance: 10 cm to 50cm
The radio signal detection distance: 5 cm to 10 m
Detects the frequencies between 1 Mhz and 6500Mh
Portable, easy to use
Adjustable sensitivity detection
Detection by sound or vibration
Retractable antenna – omni-directional Detection
Built-in compass
Rechargeable lithium battery plugged in
Size: 93 x 48 x 17 mm
Weight: 58 g


The sensor works with a rechargeable battery.
Charge the battery several hours before first use.
* Turn the unit
The red lights on the front of the unit light up.

Detecting hidden camera

Press the laser button, 6 LED lights on the back of the unit.
Sweep the room with the device, placing your eye in the small “window”. If you discover a hidden camera, the purpose of the you will appear as a fort point light.

Detection of radio waves

Choose the vibration mode or sound mode.
Sweep the room with the device, whenever the unit will detect a signal, it will emit either a beep or a vibration, depending on the selected mode. Once found, simply follow the indicator LEDs of power and follow the signal.


The detection signal is still up. Is this normal?
If there are too many signals around you, such as television, cell phone, radio,… and that the signal of the detector is still up, lower intensity thanks to the knob located on the side of the unit. Thus the detector will seek the closest signals you.

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