Eureka Gold is one of the most versatile detectors in the world as soon as find gold nuggets. With exclusive triple frequency Minelab technology, prospecting is much easier. Eureka Gold a you gives a frequency of 6.4kHz to seek maximum depth, also 20 kHz for normal searches and the super sensitive 60 kHz to find the smallest gold nuggets.
In addition to having the system “ACCU-TRAK” Minelab for the digital ground balance with two selectable speeds recovery and in combination with new microprocessor controlled discrimination, which is in charge of facilitating the search, it becomes easier to find gold and more frequently. Eureka Gold is for those looking for optimal results in an average price detector.
Main features.
System of frequency change between 6.4 kHz, 20 kHz and 60 kHz to maximize searches at different depths and with objects of different sizes.
“ACCU-TRAK” digital balance from the floor with two speeds to increase the depth range.
Rejection of iron at all frequencies, with a variable control of such rejection.
System of easy sweep of Minelab with its elliptical DD coil for greater coverage of the soil in general.
Technology VLF.
Rechargeable NiMh battery (long life batteries and ecological).
Greater comfort with an ergonomic system of balancer shaft.
Optional accessories.
Coil round DD COIL TEK 15 ”

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An article about consumer products MINELAB – EUREKA GOLD give consumer information all of this in Consumer Reports magazine and information about the prices of different products and review all this you in site detectors for gold.

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