The Safari is an easy handling equipment that also has good depth, sensitivity and precision. Developed with the exclusive technology of spectrum of full band (FBS) minelab, involving 28 frequencies that allow you to explore the terrain with frequencies from 1 kHz to 100 kHz.
The mineralization of the soil, the content of the scrap and the size of the object affect the efficiency of the transmission of a single frequency. Instead, FBS technology combines multiple frequency of Minelab BBS (broadband spectrum) with a new microprocessor to achieve a greater depth of detection, increased sensitivity to a wide variety of objects, less interference from electromagnetic sources and a more precise identification of the characteristics of the identified object.
Main features:
Plate 11 “, double D.
By internal speaker and headphone audio output.
Reaches a depth of 1.8 m.
64 X 128 pixels LCD
Transmission band (FBS) full spectrum. Transmission frequency multiple of 1, 5 kHz to 100 kHz.
Ground balance with an advanced digital filter.
Numerical discrimination and chart with a scale of – 10 to + 40, where number them negatives and the positives first indicate ferrous objects, sheets, cans and other metal garbage, while higher numbers indicate objects gold, silver or other conductive and little ferrous metal of good size.
Customizable user discrimination
4 modes of detection (coins, jewels, relics and all-metal)
Automatic noise cancellation.
Pinpointing a target (Pinpoint) with a sound and visual system.
Adjust sensitivity auto/Manual (0-20).
Adjustable alarm tone.
Optional accessories.
Coil COIL TEK DD round 15 ”
Coils brand DETECH SEF model 13 ‘ round and elliptical 18 x 15 ”.

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  1. […] The original fixture COILTEK coils series offers a coil type for each search engine and every terrain, including waterproof models to do searches at the high tide line, swamps and creeks beds. Combining a manufacture solid with great performance, provide results on an ongoing basis. Developed from the technology and the success of our coils for gold detectors, COILTEK also produces a series aimed at the search for coins and relics, which has been specially designed to improve the functioning of his metal detector. COILTEK has also developed the GOLDSTALKER series, which is designed for the professional prospector. With superior performance, these coils set the trends in innovation in the market of spare parts of coils offering a maximum detection depth and great sensitivity. This so hard to find combination means that there are now new opportunities in goldfields worked previously. Operators of detectors of metals in Peru are different challenges, given the diversity of land that can be operated, for that reason is more than recommended arm themselves with one of these coils, in order to have a device that allows them to overcome the difficulties of the terrain and achieve maximum performance if you operate a detector of metals in Peru in its arsenal. This coil is compatible with brands: Minelab Explorer, e-Trac, Safari […]

  2. […] detect Minelab  Safari uses not just one frequency, as conventional detectors and 28 frequencies simultaneously from 1.5 […]


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