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Place of buried treasure

Find treasures in the best place to start in early spring when the snow melted only. The most optimal time from mid-April to mid-May. Also look in the box and you can fall, starting in October and ending with the first snow. The search should start only in the.

Place of buried treasure


Since ancient times the Earth has become a reliable repository of a variety of resources, including money, weapons, and even certain way packed with valuable household items. All that for different people was worth.


To shelter during attacks or from looting and authorities, fires or wars they carefully hid. Often, however, all of these items and remained lying in the ground, without waiting for their owners. And these various caches of arms caches and to this day find the most usual treasure-hunters armed with modern means of search. Knowing where to find the treasure and that sometimes you can stumble, they conduct their search in the appropriate places with metal detectors slung over their shoulders.
Place of buried treasure metal detectors treasure hunting finds

Place of buried treasure


Types of coin hoards


Considering separately the category finds, like money, they generally fall into two categories, treasures and purses. It is interesting that in the old days the land trust money, including the ones that are used every day.


Thus you can find not only delayed and accumulated funds, but also someone’s working capital, which for some reason no one came. In the recesses of the wallets were lying quietly and waited in the wings, and the hosts visited them, little by little taking away coins which they needed for expenses. In addition to such coin purses and reported.


Like treasure in terms they are not very large, but in the old days, these coins were for someone a whole State. Because such hoards often referred to as “wallets”, and they are not hidden in the full sense of the word. A treasure all the same is that hid for a long time and very long treasured in the calculation to get through at least five years from the Earth.


If we start thinking about treasures, our fantasy often draws large wrought iron chests Pirates that is bulging with precious stones and gold. Also we present and find treasures. We will not argue such treasures . However, more commonly, you still have a chance to find enough small caches were identified as the same purses. But such small treasures across the country considerably more, and the chance to find them much higher.
Place of buried treasure Who is looking for – will find! Technique of buried treasure

Place of buried treasure

The land where the House once stood is the best place to search for treasure!


Very original and interesting that almost always serious hoards found at very shallow depths, it’s usually no deeper than bayonet shovels. Why there is such a system? This is simple enough, the owner of the treasure does not want to spend a lot of time to get your savings. Especially it concerns bagmen who roamed almost every day from the hands of the host or hostess to Earth and back.


Therefore, to understand how to find treasures, you need to understand the psychology and behavioural causes that these treasures were hidden. You won’t believe how often in old houses treasures stashed in the walls of homes, dismantling the floor and digging into the ground under the House.


But even earlier, in times when the floors were earthen, such a practice was commonplace. The days when the houses had dirt floors were not so long ago. Very good location, close doors and Windows and digger to health, no one will see What you do. Within the House are not just convenient to dig, you can continuously monitor the safety of his hiding place.


And often such a way to form hoards used in summer and winter. If you remember all that we have now, and see how many once existed on the territory  villages simply disappeared … Can you imagine a large-scale fire took place on a village where normal things to dig their belongings into the floor. Or war. Houses could collapse and burn, and treasures in the ground at the spot where the House used to be is gone and the lie to this day.
Place of buried treasure Omens and rituals of treasure hunters

Place of buried treasure

From theory to practice searching for treasures


If you decide to go in search of treasures, you should carefully search space with a bias in history. What do you think, where you can find the treasure? Right, in those places where people lived a long time. You will need maps, and multiple time periods along with contemporary map of the terrain. Once you are able to put maps on top of each other and bind the coordinates of old objects to new places, you can very easily find even extinct settlements. Many natural objects remain static for many hundreds of years, clearly indicating the origin of the treasure quest.
Once you have registered, you need to pay attention to how are the roads, fields and Woods, and other objects that will help you to orient in search. You should know that often hoards found near very notable places of natural origin. These can be large trees or single rocks, as well as explicit bends of rivers. Such sites can start tag still on the level of the cartographic training search.
The future of searching, do not rush immediately rush and go. Try to look at the Earth through the eyes of those people that once lived here. Try to determine how it is to be at home, and where could be watering or crossing the river. It is this analysis often helps determine where can be tucked away treasure. Here it is important to understand that the site may be easily stows those objects which must be given full attention.
Just here might be in the antiquity of the House. Take the time to examine them carefully. Please note that in such a place may be a large concentration of metal objects. This should indicate to you that the place you chosen correctly. In addition, there will be other signs. Such as pieces of pottery that are often found in these old settlements. Remember we talked about that in older homes often had no stone foundations, and logs often simply laid onto the ground? That’s why the boundaries of House can be lubricated at first glance.
When you move around on the tract, try to identify where the only possible paths themselves here before houses. Just because the coveted pot with coins can be here. If your metal detector reacts different signals on the plain and colored metal, you should check here and simple signals of iron. You can look for a cache with objects of the base metal, but no less valuable. For example, it can be ancient weapon.
Here it is important to understand which times this village existed and why she disappeared. It depends on exactly which approach you will need to use in the search. If you explore the village, missing more than one hundred years ago, the dig here to all and any signal. It must be remembered that the treasures were hidden including in cast iron pots, because such a signal you can deem insignificant and just miss. In addition, treasures can be found in the railway banks. Such items included by the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, so this opportunity cannot be missed.

Place of buried treasure

Knowledge and luck is your main tools in search of treasure!

Among all the treasures that you can look for, you can get caught not only household treasures. Search for, find only old swag ancient families would be not very reasonable. After all, there are hoards of another plan, for example, robber, or hoards of merchants, as well as unusual as travelers. In the case of tracing such arms caches you will need a very different tactics and fundamentally different approach. You should understand that to know a place where you can find such treasures is a very complex issue.
Be aware that not all are treasures. However, if your goal is to dig up a good treasure, then you need to work hard and learn a lot. A lot of you can escape just at the place where the search can be anything, but you need to be prepared and to ensure that there will not be anything.

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