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Designed for PULSE Star II PRO metal detector to detect large objects at great depths. You can run the detector with very large files (standard size: 1M X 1M = 40 “x 40″) and high energy pulses, penetrating deeper than is usually possible with smaller files. In addition, you can search large areas more quickly with more fat. Metal cutting are ignored automatically, such as bottle caps, coins and chips. There is a wide range of accessories coil also makes it possible to determine the smallest objects. Can detect any type of metal. For objects larger than 10 cm (4 “) to measure the conductivity that determines whether the object has good conductivity (such as silver and gold) with LED indicator for RED, or poor conductivity (such as iron) with green LED

PULSE Star II PRO metal detector at work:

With coil 1M X 1M can even search large areas

Quickly. When using the shoulder strap carry, and

Can also coil 1M X 1M will be operated by one person

Standard equipment


No problem:

Salt water does not affect PULSE Star II PRO which works on the principle of pulse induction


1. hard carrying case with electronics unit, charger, headphones, manual start

2.1M 1M X (40 “x 40″) coil

3. carry bag 1m/2m coil

4. download the 1M coil tape



5. check the cylinder 2.5 cm X 25CM (1 “x 10″)

6.25CM (10 “) coil round

7.45CM (18 “) coil round

8. telescopic pole coils 25/45cm

9. comprehensive search loop 26ft around

10.2M 2M X (80 “x 80″) coil

11. an additional charger 230 or 120 Volt

12. charging car cigarette lighter cable

13. solar charger Panel with quilted bag (special order only) not shown: extension cable 5, 10 or 30M (16, 32 or 100ft) coil from 1 m and more


Choose the appropriate file for a specific task: seven different files

2.5 cm (1 “) and 200cm (80″) can be connected to the electronics

Unit without any modification. In principle, coil,

The greater the depth of detection. However, the object must be larger

When you use large files. All files and PULSE Star II PRO connectors

For water. With the help of the extension cable can coil

Run at a distance of the electronics unit, and

For example mounted aboard an inflatable boat.

The global seminar is provided without plastic tubes.

This can build different sizes of coil,

Between 50CM (20 “) for 200cm (80″), and various forms,

Any elongated or round rather than square.

Reduced investigation of cylindrical (with 5m/16ft or 10m/32ft cable)

In cracks or holes. Coil round (25cm/10, 45cm/18 “)

Used with telescopic pole to detect and highlight

Large and small objects. Power supply for PULSE Star II PRO

Also considered: built-in rechargeable lead acid battery

Continue for approximately. . 10 hours per charge

Also built in Administrator console automatic fast feed
Takes no longer than four hours can be used different sources:
Standard Charger (230 or 120 Volt), car cigarette lighter
Or solar battery charger charging cable.
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