Search for gold using Google Earth maps

Search for gold using Google Earth maps

The prospector for gold is always looking for the best places to look for gold, there is a new and easy way to search for gold from home is by using Google Earth maps where take prospector where is can these wonderful free Google Earth his countrymen see mine site before you go and explore the surrounding area of this site, you can create a map to this location, and the access roads to the site all that and much more you can do and find gold in richest territories around the world This tool, help you spend less time locating and consideration before you go, you can do so through the next steps.

Search for gold using Google Earth maps




1. Select the location that contains sediments that contain gold through local maps and USGS maps and maps identifying the meridians and circles of gold mining site you want to explore
2. contact the Google maps and enter in the coordinates of the site and knows the whereabouts of minerals and is located on BLM or USGS click any options and search on the Google maps interface and find area using satellite option feature list and Google Maps provides the possibility to inspect the terrain using Google maps aerial view. and find the waterways and ancient riverbeds and identify those speaking, United States has abundant active database for mining areas have


3. inspect the topography of the area using Google maps aerial view, and find a path to the water passages, and ancient riverbeds and select those areas and know them closely through the zoom bar.


4. switch the display map of the terrain to the right corner and see the height of land and search the cliffs and crevices and places where gold is likely and Jawad on inspections in those areas using the wonderful tool Google Earth


And that you know the location of the House and in front of the computer screen, visit the website, but make sure before you go to the site search for the gold of that land is not public property, we wish you a successful journey free of surprises.

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    Search for gold using Google Earth maps

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