The world’s oldest civilization

The world’s oldest civilization

The world's oldest civilization

Iraqi veterans had several achievements in the fields of thought, urbanism, which contributed significantly in the development of human life for the better and in various areas, but kept writing the first great achievements that benefited the peoples of the ancient world, by writing the word transcribed and transferred from the predecessor to the successor. So which preserved all the product of the old Iraqi literature and literature of proverbs.
Proverbs is the kind of wisdom literature and is the most common wisdom literature in Sumerian, as proverbs women that reflect human experiences in a particular aspect of life and trying to develop such tests in a sentence or a few sentences, followed by a lesson from and benefit from.
Was able to find the miners picks many clay figure that many of these proverbs, some of which may come great Sumerian, the language of Akkadian translated, the time of recording the bulk of the third millennium BC. The process of translating proverbs, understanding the meaning of difficult experienced by archaeologists and by the fact that its meaning is linked to certain incidents or special tests do not know anything about, like proverbs in ancient and modern languages.
Below more obvious translation of proverbs. Leaving the reader freedom compared to the currently popular sayings:-
1. your mother talk like he is obeyed God.
2. don’t let anger appears on your face during the fighting.
3. If someone told you anger you don’t respond likewise to avoid the consequences.
4. If the thing does not associate with your disapproval.
5. in the city garbage collector becomes the inadvertent merchant.
6. city without dogs (guard) controlled foxes.
7. money such as the bird does not know the home firm.
8. will not leave the enemy weak city gate.
9. first to die poor, the bread not to shelter, and if he had no bread, and salt if his house not the mattress.
10. do not request the life of “nngshazida”. (Death machine by the old Iraqi beliefs).
11. don’t win without tiring.
12. the poor are silent only in summer.
13. the network has loosened but handcuffs.
14. If you are thirsty, just two.
15. I have stopped the temple before it starts to build.
16. the River towards the wind brings water bumper.
17. If I feel close to him said to eat all my, if he recovered to save.
18. day of friendship, kinship, forever.
19. toss a piece of dog it shakes you tail.
20. flatter one gives you what you want.
21. the man with the machine, and slave men, but the King remained the picture of the machine.
22. bee bite if hit by the batsman.
23. get strong to live strongly assisted him but weak sell sons.
24. as was yesterday’s life will be so every day.
25. a lot of wives belongs to oneself, but a lot of children belongs to God.
26. If the sour beer yeast, the beer would be sweet?
27. Scorpion bites a man, that any benefit from it? And brings death to sneak a people any good to white-collar criminals behind it?
28. do you get bed of reeds on the stubble price or the price his grasses lawn?
29. you hit the bull if carried out on a walk?
30. ox odd eating cannabis but Thor holder field asleep from hunger.
31. If I went out to hunt the birds without a network you will not catch something
32. She loves you to bear the weight of the naira.
33. the thrill of wine (go) their journey.
34. who don’t know wine is good, the wine is pleased to House.
35. Jeffrey be thy God with you.
36. If the ACEs to your friend what you expect to do with your enemy?
37. is the machine help you big or small you are.
38. people without a King like a flock of sheep without a shepherd.
39. that my mouth is that I prepared for men.
40. country residents curious like a slave.
41. the art of writing Abu scientists and speakers or.
42. the wife’s extravagant life at home the most damage of all demons.
43. a married woman of your choice, child and craves your heart.
44. you don’t tell me as wget, but tell me what you lost.
45. it eats so much he can’t sleep.
46. that has a lot of silver may be happy, who owns much of the yield may be happy, but it doesn’t have anything that can sleep.
47. the heart does not lead to enmity, the tongue that leads to hostility.
48. lie once, and then if I say the truth would lie.
49. in the mouth open intervention of the fly.
50. built like a master – lived like a slave, and constructed like Abdul-dine like a master.
51. hand to hand, pays tribute to one’s home, prepared to stomach one House ruins.
52. sweet friend call everyone.
53. Bethany House, virulent demolishes House heart.

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