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TM 808 metal detector

TM 808 metal detector

TM 808 metal detector


The TM 808 is designed to locate caches of coins (in quantity), trunks with deposits of gold and silver – as well as septic tanks, tools, equipment, metal pipes and relics and coins. The TM 808 gives do their best to search for objects large at great depths, although it is not the most recommended to search for small objects, such as the size of a needle or a tiny objects (which often turn out to be trash metal). The TM 808 focuses on objects of medium-sized to large to great depth, which are mostly valuable metals. With practice and teaching that we provide here on the handling of this equipment, you will be able to discriminate between metal waste and precious metals, saving time in your searches.
Main features.
Signal balance control, adjusts the signal to “Receive” to permit their use almost anywhere – regardless of the mineralization or outside interference.
Easy to read gauge, to know the strength of the signal.
It reaches a depth of 4 m, and up to 5 m.
Antenna system for track and high tech professional circuit.
Adjustable ground balance. The only detector hideouts with the ability to reject minerals from Earth to a more thorough screening.
Retune using button.
C. cell battery pack
Easy tuning and programming, in addition to settings preprogrammed on each control to a trouble-free installation.
Designed to find septic tanks, tools and metal pipes as well as caches of coins, treasure chests, and gold and silver deposits.
Setting controls labelled both in Spanish and in English.

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