Top device Detector 2013 stronger reagent search for treasures and gold ore

The latest and most powerful researcher and metal detector gold ore in underground spaces device device Topdetector device is designed Topdetector 2013  with the most accurate and most modern technology to be the focus of any prospector and Explorer of the Earth and any amateur researcher, metal, gold, all the goals in the ground, and his enormous features and specifications made him stronger and more accurate detection of gold ore and minerals in the ground and the flour and the enormous all metals however small and at the level of the fines.

This device features a Topdetector 2013 cutting-edge advanced digital technology and precision and super compact size and ease-of-use and light weight works with electromagnetic imaging system advanced digital and penetrating Earth layers easily welaitathr any natural factors and reaches its target with ease during a very short time and with high precision discrimination to determine our aim and specifications and depth and drain and strengthen weak signals to allow the detection and high accuracy make this machine Topdetector 2013, tested and specified in the biggest us factories and has been updated and developed continuously and overcome all the errors of the access The latest version is the 2013 Topdetector device is compatible with the iso international quality marks and award-winning awards from the United Nations organizations dealing with modern inventions and discoveries.
This device Topdetector 2013 and sets goals in many different places and whatever the soil even if high density and rock solid and all buildings and old places and cavities and voids in the soil and different spaces and can reach its objective all the goodwill and facilitated welaitathr of Earth and its difficulties and does not affect any communications device or cause confusion and also the unimpaired by any jams or surrounding radar due to unique frequencies and wavelengths of signals from the unique value of welaitathr and types of rocks or soil, whether soil Desert or mud or sedimentary or volcanic wasthalet reveals the device Topdetector 2013 for gold, gold coins and gold bullion and burials of all kinds and gold nuggets and order all the blanks however was a small room size, funds and caves

The idea of the device

The device sends electromagnetic currents strong to penetrate the soil and circular detection area covers the 4 m square, and regulations shows it on the screen of the device for searching for gold only to discover any other metal except gold, in the ground.

Specifications and techniques topdetectors 2013

With the dashboard switches to control the budget and choose search and signal strength and volume control and decreased and increased
Processes and keys to adjust the device automatically to Topdetector 2013 immediate start in
Special operations to search for gold and buried.
Special operations and specialized settings and keys for precious metals.
Detection of caves and tunnels and voids and cavities in the ground.
Device Topdetector 2013 with technique and sound system for the detection of targets when it is over or soon.
The screen shows in real time each makchfh device Topdetector 2013 and high accuracy
Specialized and robust systems to locate targets with high accuracy.
Discover the true depth of the goal in the ground.
Device Topdetector 2013 runs in various environmental conditions and bear the high temperatures and high humidity even reached 90%
Reveals the objectives and burials, however small in size to a depth of up to 8 m.
Circular detection area covers 4 sq m.
Weight Topdetector 2013 with all its accessories 2 kg.

Hardware components

Device Topdetector 2013 with 2 big disk imaging size 38X40 cm and 28×30 cm size compact disk.
Device Topdetector 2013 with a 12-volt battery and battery backup.
Runs on 12 volt voltage and rechargeable batteries
Device Topdetector 2013 with charger 220-240 volt.
Lithium battery operated and manufactured in a way that prolongs working life for 14 hours straight.
The device provider Topdetector 2013 car charger
The device provider Topdetector 2013 headset.
Video explaining the device Topdetector 2013 to learn and use.
Catalog Arabic and English language.
Bag where all parts of the machine Topdetector 2013 attachments and easy pregnancy.
Device Topdetector demountable 2013 to carry bag.
Modern American industry.
Device Topdetector 2013 annex to the certificate of origin and two of the main unit and only one year of equipments and other parts.

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