Whites TDI Metal Detector

Whites TDI Metal Detector

Whites TDI Metal Detector

Whites TDI Metal Detector


The gold detector was just the beginning! TDI was originally designed for exploration; now optimized for outstanding performance to search for relics, search on the beach and even coins. It always only the highest quality metal detectors tried put on sale.
Pro TDI is capable of depths of surprising and extreme sensitivity even in the worst soil. It’s fine adjustments to adapt to the worst kinds of soil, which are usually those that contain gold.
A conductivity and selectable delay pulse adjustable are two unique characteristics of TDI. It not only helps the gold prospector to improve detection of gold, but also allows them to search engines for coins, relics, and search engines on the beaches improved detection of targets.
In field tests to extract flat button from the colonial era more than 30 cm.
The main features.
Pulse induction technology. Anyone with experience with some gold detectors in Peru knows that this type of detectors the most deep and stable.
Get full control over the balance of the Earth.
Beautiful Earth tone balance controls. Precision balance receptors of coarse and fine iron mineralization of hot rocks and black sand and other solid floors.
Earth balance stocks quickly when there is iron in hot stones and black sand and other solid soil mineralization.
Adjustable pulse-delay 10 microseconds configurations (best for finding gold nuggets) to 25 microseconds (to search for relics, coins and on the beach).
Delay control pulse labeling for best performance-small gold, wet big lens configurations, and salt.
Choose audio variable with Earth balance “ignition”
Conductivity of objective 3-way selector, allowing the sound to listen to all the objectives of low conductivity and the majority of gold nuggets, or high conductivity as coins from silver relics, large, or both. This unique capability also helps identify spam.
Control of threshold (the minimum). Automatically adjusts audio to listen to signals more small and deep.
Frequency control is set to explore near high tension cables, microwaves and other environmental intervention.
12 ” spider search coil for water.
Lithium ion rechargeable.

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